Monday, 30 November 2020 22:06

Rabat - The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) will launch, Monday 30 November 2020, a training project designed to qualify Moroccans living abroad on the advocacy of the Moroccan Sahara.

The Council of the Moroccan community living abroad (CCME) gave a tribute during an evening organized, saturday 15 february 2020, to the attendees and some personalities which have impressed during the CCME’s programming of the 26 th edition of the Casablanca Book Fair.

Mr Simon Serfaty, Professor and expert on international relations closed the meetings of the 26th edition of the Casablaca book fair of the CCME, with the theme : « The invisible link : perception and Morocco’s image on the geostrategic arena, vision and perception ». Mr Daniel Amar, member of the CCME in Canada asked the questions.

Siel: CCME Dimanche 16 février 2020

Sunday, 16 February 2020 01:00

The meeting which took place Saturday 15 February 2020 gathered the novelists Mustapha El Hamdaoui (Netherlands) for his book "The Countess" published in Arabic and Mohammed Massad (Germany), author of the “Betrayer's glasses". The presentation was moderated by Mr Kacem Achahboun.

Siel: CCME Samedi 15 février 2020

Saturday, 15 February 2020 01:00

Matinée jeunesse

• Atelier CCME (éducation et cultures) et théâtre nomade avec Mohammed El Hassouni
• L’arganier à palabres : ateliers autour du livre « Souad entre Oujda, Tanger et Londres », qui raconte une partie de la vie de Souad Talsi et autour de la trajectoire de Mustapha El Hamdaoui

A round table was held by the CCME, on friday 14 february 2020 on the theme “Media and the use of new technologies in the brand-building of Morocco abroad». The round table gathered Mrs Nesrine Slaoui, journalist in France, Mr Zakaria Jaiathe, software engineer in Germany and Khalid Taha, technical and media expert. The round-table was moderated by Mr Najib Benchrif, member of the CCME.

The "literary hour", of Friday February 14, 2020, was dedicated to two books written by two Moroccan-italian writers. Mrs Chaimaa Fatihi, author of the book "You will never reach us: open letter from an Italian Muslim woman to the terrorists" (published in Italian) and Mr Mohamed Doublali, for his book "Journey into the Gardens of Hell" (published in Arabic). The exchanges were moderated by MrnHamid Bichri, CCME member living in Italy.

The CCME’s Agora of thursday 13 febuary raised the issue : « Moroccans living abroad and the future : Which image and which culture ». The round table gathered Mrs Wahiba Rhouzli, assistant of the mayor of Saint-Ouen, Mr Mohamed Cherkaoui, professor of international conflicts at the George Mason University of Mrs Fauzaya Talhaoui, Belgian female politician, Mr Jean-Marie Heydt, professor at the Haute Alsace University and author of the book du livre « Mohammed VI. A King's vision : actions and ambitions » (published at the Favre editions in 2019) . This meeting was moderated by Mr Mohammed Moussaoui, member du CCME.

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