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Mr. BOSSOUF: CCME’s ‘’Limited’’ Budget Curbs its Ability to Respond to all Funding Requests

Thursday, 05 November 2015

Moroccans of the world participate in the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Green March through a series of activities held by the Council for the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), in partnership with the Prefecture of Souss Massa Draa between the 5th and 8th November, 2015 in Agadir.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary General of the CCME, held a press conference on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 at the Council headquarters in Rabat, in which he outlined the program of the various organized activities. He also stated that the aim of CCME is to involve Moroccans of the world in the defense of this national cause.

Mr. BOUSSOUF said that the Moroccan Sahara has always been a quintessential cause of Moroccans of the world, who participated in the Green March in 1975 and who continue to raise the issue of territorial integrity in international events, particularly in the host countries. On the Green March anniversary, Moroccans of the world pay tribute to their country of origin via the CCME’s activities.

The commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Green March dedicates an artistic approach through an exhibition of Moroccan and foreigners painters inspired by the Green March, calligraphies based on excerpts of royal speeches on the Green March and a musical evening animated by more than 15 singers. This is, according to Mr. Boussouf, an opportunity to maintain the national collective memory and to stress to the younger generations the importance of the Green March in Morocco's history.

The CCME needs funding from the government

Furthermore, Mr. Abdallah BOSSOUF specified that on the Green March anniversary, many Moroccan associations abroad requested financial support from the CCME, which could not respond positively to these requests owing to its very limited budget. Besides, the high demand is a proof of the commitment of Moroccans of the world to their country of origin and to national causes.


As such, Mr. BOUSSOUF urged the Head of the Government to support the CCME financially, so that the latter, in turn, can meet the demands of the Moroccan associations worldwide, for the defense of the territorial integrity of Morocco.

Nevertheless, the CCME’s Secretary General stated that, in accordance with its budget, the Council can support around ten activities in Europe and the US, including an activity in Orlando, where the Moroccan flag will be raised in a basketball game, in front of 80.000 spectators.

The importance of the cultural dimension

Through these activities, held in partnership with the Prefecture of Souss Massa Draa, the CCME aims at changing the strategy regarding the promotion of the national cause that should no longer be a purely political one. “The Moroccan Sahara cause has to be presented and explained to the international attention via the universal language of culture and art”, Mr. BOSSOUF said. In this sense, CCME is committed to create works of art in order to serve this primordial cause and to supply its defenders with cultural means, likely to raise this cause in the highest possible levels.


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