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London : The Moroccan singer Fatima-Zohra El Qortbi at the Nour Festival

Monday, 31 October 2016

The Moroccan unique voice, Fatima-Zohra El Qortobi will sing 6 november 2016, at the Royal Albert Hall and Nour Festival which will  present an showcast the multi-cultural heritage of Morocco. This event is organized in partnership with the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad and Al-Hassanya Moroccan Women’s Project Ltd.

Born in Oujda-Morocco, Fatima-Zohra El Qortobi is an aviation engeneer.  She grew up in a family very committed to musical heritage and traditions of the Eastern capital of Morocco. At the age of 17 she won the prize for best voice at the festival of the Gharnati festival of Oujda called the ‘Most beautiful Gharnati voice ». A star was born.

Although she is engineer, Fatima Zohra El Qortbi, never stopped singing and regularly performs across the Arab World. 

In this UK premiere which presents an evening of classical Arabic-Andalusian music, Jewish and Berber music, the moroccan artist will be performing for the first time.

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