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Seminar : Handling the differences and the Moroccan Model of coexistence

Friday, 28 October 2016

The works of the 23rd national days of the Moroccan Association for Historical Research (AMRH) started Thursday, October 27, 2016 at the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM), with the partnership of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) under the theme "Handling differences : the Moroccan model of living together and acceptance of the Other."

In his opening speach, Mr. Ahmed Boukous, dean of the Royal Institute of the Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) said, that the theme of the meeting is one of the core questions of the Institute, since the difference, the living together and acceptance of the other are the basis of Dahir founder of IRCAM.

Mr. Boukous also specified that the acceptance of the other is highlighted in the 2011 Constitution, which makes Morocco a unique model of tolerance in the region.


Mr Boukous also  asked for a better support of  linguistic and anthropological research for the management of the concerned issues of these national days.

For his part, Mr. Siraj Ahmed, said in the name of the CCME , that the Council supports the activities  the AMRH  carried out in the framework of a strategic partnership between the CCME and several associations and universities.

Mr. Siraj added how essential it is for the CCME to work with Moroccan universities, able to produce scientific material, contribute to strengthen the bonds of the moroccans living abroad because of their rich and plural identity. He said that working  on Morocco's memory can be an important issue.


For his part Mr. Jamal Eddine El Hani, Dean of the university  of Letters and Human Sciences Mohammed V in Rabat, said in a speech read by Mr. Mohammed Fatha, member of the AMRH, that the meeting must be supported by scientific research. Adding that the  Moroccans are diverse, plural and therefore able  to manage their differences and stand together.

 The President of AMRH,  Mr. Othmane El Mansouri welcomed the relevance of the choice of the theme of this edition of the meeting because the question of the « difference » is important : « The theme of the difference among has never been a source of conflict or tension in Moroccan History, because  the Moroccans have always found to handle this issue ".

The subjects of these 3 day meeting are : the "Moroccans living in Morocco and Abroad: origins management differencens ", "the laws and customs in the way to manage  the difference "," Moroccans and management of the difference in the political and social areas "and" the management of culture and events in the Moroccan social representations ".



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