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The Moroccan identity, a model of pluralism

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) organized, Monday, February 12, 2018 at the Council's at the Casablanca Book Fair, an introduction of kit of booklets on the "Moroccan personality: dynamics and diversity".

J5 TR 1 ZAHIDIMs. Malika Ezzahidi, teacher-researcher scholar in contemporary history of Morocco at the Hassan II University of Mohammedia, Mr. Mbarek Ait Addi, researcher at the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture, Mr. Abdelilah Dehani, professor of history at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Rabat and Abdelhamid Ibn El Farouk, teacher-researcher at Hassan II University of Casablanca participated in this round table moderated  Mr. Ahmed Siraj, in the name of the CCME.

J5 TR 1 SIRAJMr. Siraj explained that the spirit of this serie of booklets corresponds with the theme of the CCME's participation in the book fair this year, namely "Moroccans of the World in Plural Societies", because the Moroccan identity "illustares pluralism and diversity ».

A helpful share  that the younger generations are called to bring to the societies in which they live and to whom the booklets  are addressed : the   "content has been simplifed for  the historical knowledge to the younger generations"

He added, "The CCME recently translated the booklets from arabic to French and , will in the be translated  in the future in the languages ​​of the host countries in order to reach a more substantial public  ".

J5 TR 1 DAHANIMs. Zahidi, spoke for her part on the  diplomatic dimension of the Moroccan identity through the example of the personality of Ibn Othmane El Meknassi (18th century). For her, the booklets  "are the evidence  that throughout history, the Moroccan has always interacted with his environment and brought an added value wherever he lives ". "The case of El Meknassi is a stirring  example of the Moroccan openness," she said.

"The box of booklets also highlighted the remarkable Arab, Andalusian, Amazigh, feminine dimensions that have been illustrated by personalities who had an impact on humanity".

J5 TR 1 AIT ADDIMr. Mbarek Ait Addi determined the Saharawi dimension of the Moroccan personality through Sheikh Maaleinin. "In this collective work in which I participated, I tried to show the attachment of the Saharawi personality to it’s Moroccan identity".

Sheikh Maaleinine, "a famous personality in the history of Morocco who was able to have  a very personal leadership through his environment and dedicated his life to the unification of the Moroccan nation by bringing together the Sufi currents of Morocco".

Forhis part Mr. Ait Addi  said "the tolerance and openness that characterizes this identity and that has been exceptional in its exchanges with European detainees in the Sahara".

 Mr. Dahani focused hie intervention on the Andalusian dimension of the Moroccan personality through Abdellah Ben Aicha who was appointed in 1698 ambassador of Morocco in Paris.

Abdellah Ben Aicha was also the first Moroccan person who established a company and started economical exchanges with French traders.

J5 TR 1 IBN FAROUQFinally, Mr. Ibn Farouk expressed the pleasure that he had to participate in the translation of this box  of boklets that "made me realize that the Moroccan personality is always in transformation and adaptation with its environment" .

"I was also able to understand the provisions of the Constitution and was pleased to see the academic work and political philosophy of Morocco work together," he said.

Mr. Ibn Farouk finally said that "moderation are a universal characteristic among all these personalities and this probably is the reason why Morocco is today safe from the extremist wave which shakes the whole world.

The educational kit, includes 13 scientific booklets and is the result of the contribution of Moroccan historians from different backgrounds and scholars who made the effort to popularize the content, while respecting the standards of academic research.

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