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The legal status of Moroccans living abroad

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) presented, Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at at the Casablanca Book Fair, the presentation of the study "The legal condition of Moroccans living abroad".

J6 TR 3 MAAROUFIMessrs. Ahmed Bouachiq and Mohamed Benyahya, university professors took part to  this meeting moderated by Mr. Abdellah Maaroufi,  from the CCME.

During this meeting, Mr. Bouachiq said this book in five volumes, two of which have already been published and two are being printed.

J6 TR 3 BOUACHIQThe first part deals with domestic and international law and conventions ratified by Morocco as the universal declaration of human rights or those related to diplomatic and consular relations. The second part, highlights the bilateral conventions with several countries ... the third part concerns the conventions on taxes including income tax in host countries.

Mr. Bouachiq finally said that this project will enrich the university library and inform public policies.

J6 TR 3 BENYAHYAMr. Mohammed Benyahya explained for his part, " that it is not a scientific work but a documentation project which will be an important basis for all research work".

To make this collection, "we had to consider the laws of Morocco and a number of host countries that can manage the induction and transit of Moroccans around the world and do a cross-check".

The books will be an opportunity for Moroccans around the world to discover institutions that handle their business, such as the CCME, which was constitutionalized in 2011 and to have an analysis of the other provisions of the constitution that concern them.

Benyahya finally asked the researchers to refer to this document "analyze and evaluate the efforts that have been made".





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