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Day 5 : The program of Wednesday, February 14

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Moroccans in Italy: 40 success stories

Tarek El Atifi (Morocco)

Mr.Tarik El Atifi

Editor-in-Chief of the electronic newspaper Hespress. Born in 1981 in Nador, he continued his graduate studies at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Mohamed Premier University of Oujda. He started his career in the newspaper Hespress in 2008 after spending a few years in local journalism in the Rif region, in addition to a three-year experience in collaboration with a national newspaper company and in the management of a website. He has also participated in the construction of television programs.

Management of difference in the history of Morocco

Otmane Mansouri (Morocco), El Ouafi Nouhi (Morocco), Latifa El Guendouz (Morocco), Ahmed Siraj (Morocco)

Mr.Otmane Mansouri

Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Rabat. Specialist of the economic and diplomatic history of Morocco, he is also a translator. Author of several research published in national and international journals. Among his publications, Trade in Morocco of the 16th century and Moroccan-Portuguese Relations, 1790-1844. He also contributed to a translated collective work, News of Ahmed Al-Mansour, Sultan of Morocco. Otmane Mansouri held the position of Secretary General of the Moroccan Association for Historical Research before being elected in 2013 President of the same association.

Mr.Nouhi El Ouafi

Researcher in the history of medieval Morocco at the center of historical and environmental studies and at the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) in Rabat. Member of the editor of the magazine "Asinag" (published by IRCAM). Member of the Moroccan Association for Historical Research (AMRH) and member of the editorial board of the journal of the same association. El Ouafi Nouhi is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts of Rabat, history and civilization section. He published in 2007 "أنس المهج وروض الفرج للشريف الإدريسي (493-560 / 1100-1165): قسم شمال إفريقيا وبلاد السودان". He also participates in several scientific publications and collective works and has taken part in several national and international conferences and events.

Ms. Latifa El Guendouz

Professor Researcher at Mohammed V University of Rabat. Member of the Moroccan Association for Historical Research (AMRH) and the Moroccan Committee of Maritime History. She obtained a BA in History in 1977, a Graduate Diploma in Modern History in 1979 and a PhD in Contemporary History from Mohammed V University in Rabat in 2002. She has to her credit several books, including "Moroccan publications since the publication of the printing press in 1956 "(Ministry of Culture, 2004)," The role of printing in the dissemination of knowledge "(Journal of Moroccan History, Al Tamimi Foundation, Tunis, 2006), "Position of Moroccans vis-à-vis modern techniques, model telegraphy" (University Moulay Ali Cherif, Ministry of Culture, 2007), "Initial contact of Moroccans printed book" (University Moulay Ismail, Meknes, 2007) , "The Role of Printing in Salé in Resisting the Occupation" (Publications of the University Institute of Scientific Research, Mohammed V University, Rabat, 2010), "Moroccan-Saudi relations at the time by King Fayçal Ben Abdelaziz "(Al Dara Magazine, Riyadh, May 2008)," Morocco and the Persian Gulf, Model of Moroccan-Kuwaiti Relations: Assessment and Prospects "(Kuwait, 2009).

Mr Ahmed Siraj

PhD in History and Civilization, from the University of Mohammedia and the Sorbonne, graduate of EHESS, is a professor at the University of Mohammedia and mission manager at the CCME. He directed, co-directed or participated in several programs of prospection and archaeological excavations including that of the Mediterranean coast of Morocco from 2000 to 2005. He was also in charge of the academic direction of the programs of celebration of the 1200th anniversary of the Foundation of the city from Fez. Among his publications, The Image of Tingitane, Medieval Arab Historiography and North African Antiquity; Study of history, historical geography and archeology of the Maghreb; Rif: traces of history (collective work, 2012); The historical origins of citizenship and belonging to Morocco (CCME 2013); Moroccans, migrants and travelers (CCME, 2015, contribution); Ait Ouriaghel: history, institutions, relationship with power (2017).

Cultural diversity of Moroccans around the world

Mustapha Jlok (Morocco), Mohamed El Medlaoui (Morocco), Chouaib Halifi (Morocco), Mohammadi Laghzaoui (Netherlands), Tijani Boulaouali (Belgium)

Mr.Mustapha Jlok

Mustapha Jlok is an anthropologist, heritage curator, former researcher, center director of anthropological and sociological studies, and head of the human resources and general affairs department.s and legal at the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM). Currently, he is in charge of the National Council of Human Rights (CNDH) in Morocco.

Mr Mohamed Elmedlaoui

He is a Berberizing, Semitic and Hebrew linguist. He is the author of several books and academic articles in this discipline in four languages ​​(Arabic, French, English and Berber). Among his other fields of research: Berber and Malhun metrics, Moroccan music (musicology and ethnomusicology) and the comparison of the religions of the Book. He is a founding member of several civil societies and scholars (Society of Linguistics of Morocco, Moroccan Fulbright Alumni Association, Citizen Appeal, Association of the Friends of the Museum of Judaism in Casblanca, of which he is president, etc.). He taught at the university (linguistics and Hebrew language) and was several times affiliated with the CNRS (Paris: 1986, 1991, 1995, 1999). He is also a Fullbright Grantee (University of Amherst), was research director at IRCAM (responsible for the ER of the lexicon) and researcher at the IURS - University Mohammed V (Rabat) where he directed the ER Geopolitics, Identity and Migration. He is the author of several hundred journalistic articles or scientific popularization on issues of intellectual debate or scientific research in Morocco today, he publishes in the press and / or in his blog OrBinah.

Mr Chouaib Halifi 

Novelist and Moroccan university professor. He works as a professor of higher education at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Ben M'Sik in Casablanca. One of his latest publications in the field of literary criticism is "Mirrors of interpretation: Reflections on modes of juxtaposition of light and darkness", in the field of the novel "Nobody can jump over his shadow - The Book of Days (Travel does not fear the dust of Settat-corner) .

Mr Mohammadi Laghzaoui

He obtained a PhD on "The emergence of academic language at home and at school: in-depth study of Moroccan Amazigh children in the Netherlands. Bas "and a MA in Linguistics from the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands Specialist in Social Linguistics and Education Sciences, currently working as Professor of Linguistics and English Literature at Cambrian College in the International Baccalaureate section. is also an expert and consultant on the European project: Education and Education Partnership, and is sworn translator at the Dutch Ministry of Justice Mohammadi La Ghzaoui served as President of the Moroccan Institution in Tilburg between 2007 and 2013, and President of the Al Quaraouiyine Association of Moroccan Students at the University of Tilburg from 1999 to 2001. He has published numerous articles and research in international academic journals and has participated in local and international conferences and seminars.

Mr.Tijani Boulaouali

Author and Moroccan researcher specializing in Islamic studies, philosophy of pluralism and interfaith dialogue, Amazighity and the media. He is a professor of Islamic religion, pedagogy and didactic sciences at the Faculty of Teacher Education (Ghent-Belgium) and researcher on the topic of written references for the translation of the Koran at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Leuven. (Belgium). Tijani Boulaouali also holds a doctoral thesis in journalism and media from the University of The Hague (Netherlands). He has several academic and literary publications including: The image of Islam in the 2013 Dutch academic approach, the Amazigh print media, between genesis and evolution 2015, Arab poetry, duality of the norm and of the 2012 deviation, Islam and the Amazigh, towards a moderate understanding of the Amazigh 2008 cause, Muslims in the West between the contradictions of reality and the challenges of the future 2006.

Diversity in the Moroccan artistic production of the world

Ilham Ouaziz (Egypt), Lahbib Naciri (Morocco), Driss Moubarik (Morocco)

Ms Ilham Ouaziz Moroccan actress seen in many television and drama productions in Morocco and abroad. The Moroccan public knows her mainly through his roles in Moroccan comedies, which have remained anchored in the memory of the audience; among others "House of the heirs", "Machaf Mara", "Yak Labas" and in the television series "Last breath". Ilham Ouaziz also participated in productions of the Gulf countries including the series "Karima" and "The family of Majed El Arabia". She also played in the Egyptian film "Morsi Abu Al-Abbas" directed by Amr Mansour and in which participated a panoply of Egyptian actors and others, including Moroccan actors.

Mr. Lahbib Naciri

 Researcher and critic. Chairman of the Khouribga International Documentary Film Festival. He participates in several Fes tivals national and international film festivals and publishes several articles and critical studies in the field of cinema. In December 2017, he published his book "Migration in Moroccan cinema: meaning and expressions", in 2004 the book "The aesthetics of narration" and is about to publish "the question of beauty in Arab cinema" . He participates in several programs and radio and television programs and supervises several training workshops. Lahbib Naciri has been a member of several juries and editor of the magazine Lanternes du cinéma électronique.

Driss Moubarik 

Born in Nador, Morocco, in 1968. He has a university degree in physics from Ibn Zohr University in Agadir. Since 1996, he is director of the newspaper "Machahid", he is producer and publisher of programs for the regional radio of Agadir between 1990 and 2006. Before that, he was correspondent of the section of information of the Moroccan television in the Souss region between 1994 and 2004, he was also program coordinator for foreign channels from 1994 to 2005.

He is president of the cultural initiative association of the International Festival of Cinema and Immigration of Agadir, head of the film committee of the Souss Region and president of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Money of the Southern Department.

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