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Round table : A Moroccan journey in Italy

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) organized, Wednesday, February 14, 2018 the Casablanca Book Fair, the introduction of the book "Journey of Moroccans in Italy" realized by the journalists of the "Hespress" news website as part of a partnership with the CCME.The round table was moderated by Mr. Amine Khiari, journalist from Hespress and Mr. Hamid Bichri, CCME member in Italy.

J7 TR 1 BICHRIMr. Bichri,  said that this project "reveils the unkown facet of a recent immigration that successfully integrates through education and determination."

The choice of the 40 Moroccan immigrants settled in Italy  cited in this book "are only a sample of the Moroccan community estimated to 520,000 people"according to the latest statistics .

The book was written in Arabic and translated into Italian by Mr. Mohammed Mokhtari "so that it can reach the highest number of readers".

J7 TR 1 KHIARIMr. Amine Khiari, who co-directed this book with Mr. Tarik Attifi said «  this project intends to neutralize stereotypes fastends to Moroccans in Italy and show that the Moroccan community is a carrier of development wherever it is ".

The portraits made in Italy succeeds " the book made with Moroccans in Spain and the Netherlands" and will be followed by another project iwith the Moroccans from the Gulf countries.

Finally, Mr. Khiari invited "young Moroccans from here and elsewhere to read these books for all the hope and ambition of the journeys"of the stories told.


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