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Day 6 : The program of Wednesday 15 February 2018

Thursday, 15 February 2018

1- "The social protection of Moroccan immigrants: the case of Spain"

2- "Social Protection of Moroccan migrants: Moroccan Retirees in France, What Perspectives?"

Abdelhamid El Jamri (France), Mohamed Anouar Haidour (Spain)

M. Abdelhamid El Jamri

Born December 12, 1957 in Gueroeun, Morocco. Abdelhamid El Jamri is Vice-President of the UN Committee for the International Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. Expert in the European Union in economic development and international consultant in development project engineering, he is director of the Higher Institute of Training and Development (France).

Mr. El Jamri also chairs the International Network "Initiatives 21 for Development": creation and implementation in several countries. He has led several programs of integration and assistance to the socio-professional integration of migrant audiences in European countries and has developed training programs for social integration actors. He is the author of several publications dealing with migration issues. He is a member of the Council of the Moroccan community abroad, president of the working group "Administration, User Rights and Public Policies".

Mr. Mohamed Anouar Haidour

Mohamed Anouar Haïdour native of Tetouan, is union leader in Spain, painter in his spare time. Co-founder of the first association of Moroccan immigrants in Spain in 1987, he was elected to the leadership of the workers' union (CC.OO) at its 5th congress. From 1993, he was appointed member of the Migration and Integration Working Group of the European Trade Union Confederation in Brussels, of the Committee on Free Movement of Migrant Workers of the European Commission in 1995, to the Social Security Committee for Migrant Workers of the European Union. European Commission in 1997, the Peace and Solidarity Foundation for International Cooperation and the Migration and Development Working Group of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. Mohamed Haïdour is also a member of the CCME.

The Moroccan cultural action in the world

Ahmed Hadraoui (Belgium), Yahya Cheikh (France), Mohamed Gannouf (Germany), Youssef El Houari (Netherlands), Ahlam Laqlida (France)

Mr Ahmed Hadraoui

Born in 1971 in Oujda, Ahmed Hadraoui is a Moroccan author and poet living in Belgium and holding a degree in private law. He first migrated to Belgium to continue his studies in criminology at the Free University of Brussels before leaving the legal field and devote himself entirely to his first passion, poetry. He has to his credit several publications: The collection "I believed in Islam (and not Muslims)" 1996, the collection "The parade of splendor" 2015 (collective), the collection "Play on the rope of absence "2016 (collective) and the novel Sheshonq 2018. In 2014, Ahmed Hadraoui created the Euro-Arab literary café in Brussels, where he chairs the monthly sessions, as he participated in the foundation of the European meeting of the creation and arts in 2016. He is also director of the site of the journal "Diwan". Ahmed Hadraoui has recently launched the program "Diwan" which is a literary and cultural program on the Belgian channel Maghreb tv, a first in Europe, with the aim of making known the writers and intellectuals of the diaspora.

Mr Yahya Cheikh

Poet, editor and director of the International Center for Arab Studies, Historical and Philosophical Research in Paris. Associate of Arabic from the French University, professor at the National Center of Arts and Crafts (CNAM), Academy of Paris. Translator of Naguib Mahfouz and author of several works on immigration, Islam and the teaching of Arabic in France. He is also a cultural mediator and organizer of conferences in Europe, particularly in France, to promote Moroccan culture and research on the Arab-Islamic world. He has published numerous works of Moroccan authors from abroad (essays, novels, poetry, etc.) and founded the School "Talk Peace" for the teaching of Arabic and Hebrew to favor the dialogue between the different faith groups.


Mr Mohamed Gennouf

Poet and narrator residing in Belgium. Born in 1962 in Kebdana east of the city of Nador. He followed his teaching in Nador before joining the Regional Center for Education and Training in Oujda. After obtaining the Certificate of Graduation, he joined Casablanca where he was recruited as a teacher. He emigrated in 1993 to Germany. He began publishing his first writings in the eighties. He has published in several newspapers and magazines in Morocco and abroad "the horses do not sleep in peace", his first poetic collection. Then he publishes three more books in poetry and the short story.

Mr Youssef El Houari

Youssef El Houari is born in Chefchaouen, Morocco in 1963. Graduate of the Faculty of Sciences of Education in Rabat. He started publishing his poems in national and Arab newspapers since 1984. He moved to Amsterdam in 1991 and works there as a teacher. He has published two collections "speech of the spirit" and "silence of the fatherland .

Ms. Ahlam Laqlida

She was born in Casablanca and currently lives in Paris. She works in the media and has published several articles in Arabic magazines and newspapers. She has to her credit several collections of poems including "Bells of the sky" and "Grinding of dreams".

Better living together in a plural society Abdelghani Dades (Canada), Frantz Benjamin (Canada), Herman Okomba-Deparice (Canada), Yolande Cohen (Canada)

Abdelghani Dades

Is a Moroccan journalist, born in Fes in 1951. A graduate in economics, he worked for many years as a journalist in the Moroccan press (Al Maghrib, La Tribune populaire, La Vie Economique). Since 2000, he lives in Montreal, Quebec, where he founded the Atlas Media Group dedicated to Moroccans in Canada (Radio The Voice of Moroccans and Atlas.Mtl newspaper). He is a member of the Rights & Democracy Network in Canada, and the "Maghreb Table" of the Quebec Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities

He is a member of the CCME (Scientific, Technical and Economic Skills for Sustainable Development Task Force). Benjamin Benjamin Benjamin is a Canadian politician, outgoing President and member of the City Council of Montreal. He is the founder of the Weeks of Action Against Racism in 1998, and initiator with former Mayor Denis Coderre of the International Association of Mayors for Living Together, whose second edition will take place in Casablanca in April 2018.

Mr. Herman Deparice-Okomba

Is a political scientist, he is the Director General / President of the Center for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRMV) in Quebec, an organization charged with the prevention of violent drift. intercultural relations, radicalization, terrorism, discrimination and community policing.

Ms Yolande Cohen

Is Professor and Cherc heuse, she is a professor in the history department of UQAM. She has been President of the Royal Society of Canada's Academy of Arts, Humanities and Humanities since 2012. She received the title of Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic.

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