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Day 6 : Program February 16, 2018

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Moroccan Sahara: The Cause of a King and a People

Moulay El Mehdi Idrissi Zini (France)

Moulay El Mehdi Idrissi Zini

Mr. Moulay El Mehdi Idrissi Zini was born in Casablanca in 1948. He is president of the association "Alliance of Saharawi Moroccans in France and Europe", member of the Council of the Moroccan Community living Abroad (CCME) and associative actor. Since he emigrated in France, he obbserves the reunification of Saharawi Moroccans living in France and in Europe. He currently has a book being published in the CCME collection entitled "The Moroccan Sahara: The Cause of a King and a People".

Migration and homeland

Bouchaib Harkati (Morocco)

Born in 1950 in the region of El Jadida, married and father of 4 children. Bouchaib Harkati holds a Baccalaureate and is a member of the "Al Mawahib" Association of Casablanca. He first worked in the international oil piping company in France before joining the car body manufacturing sector of the Renault group. He later obtained a technician's diploma which allowed him to climb the ladder in the Renault group and become a technical agent specializing in automation. Bouchaib Harkati is a member of several Moroccan and European associations.

The role of the media in intercultural dialogue in the countries of residence

Abdelghani Dades (Canada), Hasna Daoudi (France), Fadoua Massat (USA), Rim Nejmi (Germany), Saida Boudaghia El Azrak (Spain), Zouhir Louassini (Italy)

Mr.Abdelghani Dades

He is a Moroccan journalist Moroccan, born in Fes in 1951. Graduated in economics, he has worked for many years as a journalist in the press in Morocco (Al Maghrib, La Tribune populaire, La Vie Economique). Since 2000, he lives in Montreal, Quebec, where he founded the Atlas Media Group dedicated to Moroccans in Canada (Radio La voix des Marocains and Atlas.Mtl newspaper). He is a member of the Rights & Democracy Network in Canada, and the "Maghreb Table" of the Quebec Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities. Abdelghani Dadès is a member of the CCME (Working Group "Scientific, Technical and Economic Skills for Sustainable Development").

Ms Hasna Daoudi

Moroccan journalist in France. After graduating from the Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC), Hasna Daoudi began her professional career in Morocco. She worked at the Maghreb Arab Press Agency (MAP) as a journalist before being appointed head of the MAP office in Paris. Hasna Daoudi created in 2010 in the French capital the portal "", a general information site focused on the Maghreb, dealing with politics, economics, social affairs and culture. She is also director of ATLAS MEDIACOM.

Ms Fadoua Massat

Moroccan journalist resident in Washington for 14 years. Editor-in-chief of the Maghreb Tribune des voix and former editor-in-chief of the Al Hurra site and Radio Sawa. Correspondent of the newspaper Al Massae and Al Akhbar. Laureate of the Higher Institute of Information and Communication (2002), she obtained a master's degree in digital journalism from Georgetown University in Washington. Winner of the prize of the Union of writers of Morocco for the youth for its collection of stories "Of the suffering" (شيء من الألم), it prepares the publication of its second work "Rendez-vous with Uncle Sam". She is interested in the issues of migration and the integration of women in host countries. To his credit, several academic participations in the field of migration published in several newspapers and in Arab electronic sites. Fadoua Massat has participated in several training and internships in the fields of investigation, reporting and citizen journalism in Morocco, France, Hungary, Italy and Washington.

Ms Rim Najmi

Poet and Moroccan journalist resident in Germany. Born in Casablanca in 1987. She lives and works in Berlin. Laureate of the Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC) and the Deutsche Welle Academy for information. She obtained a master's degree in information from the University of Bonn in Germany and then joined the editorial staff of the Qantara news website for the dialogue with the Islamic world and Deutsche Welle radio before becoming a writer and producer of debate programs at Deutsche Welle television in Berlin in 2012. She won with the staff of the show "Chabab tuk" the price of the best talk show at the Arab Festival of Radio and Television in 2015, in Tunisia, for the episode "the role of dialogue of religions in the fight against terrorism ". Among his poems "Blue Sky" (Rabat, 2008), "My heart as a Sunday" (Beirut, 2011), "Be innocent as a wolf" (Milan, 2018).

Ms Saida Boudaghia Al Azrak

Journalist researcher in media and immigration and multiculturalism issues. Holds a degree in journalism and media science from the University of San Pablo de Madrid and a degree in audiovisual studies from the same university. She also holds a Masters degree in Mediation and Diversity Management from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Saida Boudaghia Al Azrak has professional experience in several media including "El Pais" and the Mexican agency CIMAC. She is appointed to the Union des radios communautaires as the person in charge of cultural and ethnic diversity programming.

Mr. Zouhir Louassini

Journalist and writer living in Rome, Italy. Doctor in Semitic languages ​​from the University of Granada in Spain. As soon as he settled in Italy, he founded the electronic newspaper "Arab Roma" (The Arabs of Rome) to bring Italians closer to Arab culture. He has been with Rai News since 2001 and since 2016 has been director of the Romano Observatory (the official organ of the Vatican). Zouhir Louassini is also a visiting professor in several Italian and foreign universities. His latest book In Arms of Condoleezza Pero Sin Bajas was published in Arabic in 2005 and Spanish in 2006. He collaborates with Radio Medi1 in Morocco and with BBC (Arabic).

Tribute to the work of the writer Juan Goytisolo

Mohammed Habib Samrakandi (France), Mohammed Saad Eddine El Yamani (France).

Mr. Mohammed Habib Samrakandi

University professor, member of the Anthropology Center of Toulouse / EHESS. Psychosociologist and doctor in Anthropology of the Sufi brotherhood. His work focuses on the process of the establishment of Muslim brotherhoods in France and the protection of oral heritage. Director of Horizons Maghrébins magazine. Project supervisor of the "Cultures du Monde" at the Toulouse University - Jean Jaurès Center for Art and Culture. Lives and works in France since 1976.

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