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Round table on the social protection of the Moroccans in Spain

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) organized, Thursday, February 15, 2018 the presentation of a study on the social protection of Moroccans from Spain, published in 2016 by the CCME.

J8 TR 1 MRIFKIMr. Mohamed Haidour and Ms. Mina Rhouch, CCME members, moderated this moderated roundtable

J8 TR 1 Haidour Mr Haidour explained how the economic crisis has hit the Moroccan community in Spain and direct consequences of rising unemployment, which reached 70% of the population in some regions.

A situation which, according to Mr. Haidour, was the reason whid led several migrants to return to Morocco. A return that had a negative impact on the Moroccan community in Spain and on the migratory project in general. The questionof integration appared again in the debates and the teaching of children who had started school in Spain and had to continue it in Morocco was difficult.

Mr. Haidour, who is also a trade unionist, spoke about  the impact of the crisis on the fish trade,  especially between Morocco and Spain. Women are also at the heart of the protests of the economic crisis as they have become responsible for their families by working as a housekeepers.

J8 TR 1 RHOUCHMs. Mina Rhouch, for her part,  was interested in the new role of the woman who takes care for her family and is in the labor market. "A new situation that requires to  buid awareness on working women".



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