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The Moroccan Sahara: « the cause of a King and a Nation »

Friday, 16 February 2018

The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) organized, Friday, February 16 at the Book Fair of Casablanca, the presentation of the book "the Moroccan Sahara: the cause of a King and a people "published by the CCME.

J9 TR 1 ZINIAccording to Mr. Moulay El Mehdi Idrissi Zini, author of the book and member of the CCME, the book "is a recommence to memory whose primary objective is to introduce the third and fourth generations of Moroccan immigrants to the history of their national cause the green march we bound the Sahrawi league in Europe to defend the national cause in international forums" and wish through this book "to provide young people with the necessary tools to understand the history of their national cause ».

J9 TR 1 BICHRIMr. Hamid Bichri, member of the CCME, was pleased to "see a production on the national cause written by a Moroccan resident abroad", thanking the CCME for aiding this initiative and to it’s commitment, engage its establishment to the cultural producing of the Moroccans of living Abroad.

"This book is an appeall that can encourage Moroccans around the world in the argument for their national cause," said Mr. Zini, who has asked to translate the book into the languages ​​of immigration to reach the widest audience possible and organize trainings on the Sahara issue for the aid of young Moroccans around the world.

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