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Round table: Moroccan women living in a plural societies

Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) at the Casablanca Book Fair hosted, Saturday, February 17, 2018, a round table on "Moroccan women and the challenge of living in a plural society" in which Moroccan women from Italy, Germany and Qatar talked about their experiences.

Mounya El Allali: the of Moroccan women in Italy in the civil society

J10 TR 2 ALLALIThe Moroccan poet and writer living in Italy Mounya El Allali said that the changes that have occurred in the legislations in Europe have still not had a real impact on the immigrant women since they have still not reached the cultural values ​​of these societies.

To help Moroccan women integrate into Italian society, Mounya El Allali emphasized the importance of preserving her identity and access to knowledge so that she can participate in the development of her society.

The challenge of openness to the Other in Germany

J10 TR 2 YAKINEFor the journalist and writer Nadia Yakine, the conditions of the Moroccan woman in Germany are better than those in other European countries like Italy or Spain since the Moroccan woman has immigrated to work beside the man.

The journalist, who is also a social worker with Moroccan migrant women in Italy, in this case in prisons and refugee camps, has exposed the various problems of this vulnerable category of European societies which are primarily concerned with the laws Moroccan and Italian.

Amale El Yahyaoui: strategies against stereotypes about Moroccan women

J10 TR 2 YAHYAOUIAs a Moroccan writer in Qatar, Amale El Yahyaoui said that living in a plural society involves two processes: living in harmony and peace with other parts of societies or living behind them. it's a personal choice.

On the other hand, Amale El Yahyaoui indicated that opening onto the culture of the host society is linked to the original identity because it is a question of a psychosocial stability since the Moroccan identity is essentially plural. She further explained that the main challenge that Moroccan women face in the Gulf countries is to challenge the stereotypes and preconceptions that can be negate through determination and success of women in several areas.


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