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Conference : « Moroccans are the heart of cultural and religious diplomacy » ( Mr. Abdellah Boussouf)

Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Moroccan Diplomatic Club organized, Thursday, April 26, 2018 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, a conference on the theme "diplomacy of civil society and the economic actor facing challenges". The meeting aims to honor the 62nd anniversary of the national day of Moroccan diplomacy.

Mr. Nasser Bourita the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation opened the ceremony which was attended by Moroccan diplomats, foreign ambassadors to Morocco, members of the Moroccan Diplomatic Club and former Moroccan ambassadors.

In his intervention, Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community living Abroad (CCME), talked about the contribution of Moroccans living abroad in the cultural and religious diplomacy of the kingdom because the individual has become important in international relations and even sometimes exceeding the impact of states and governments. Mr. Bossouf gave the example of the Time magazine "Time" which which awarded in 2006the title of the personality of the year to the individual ("you") who has become more and more influancial.

The secretary general focused on the importance of historical knowledge in the field of diplomacy, mentioning several historical Moroccan prominent personalities who made Morocco's international relations.

The Secretary General of the CCME further asserted that to have an impact on society, the individual can not act alone but must come together in a unified group under a common reference and objectives. This has been understood by many countries who have made the strengthening of national identity and cultural ties of their communities abroad a quiet force to promote their foreign policies.

He stressed the importance of supervising the Moroccan community abroad and undertake a cultural and scientific rehabilitation work with the Moroccans living abroad to prepare them to take up the current challenges and contribute to the international influence of the Moroccan culture with the values ​​of pluralism and diversity that have always defined Morocco in the different historical stages.

Mr. Boussouf, then, called for clear public policies with regard to the Moroccan community living abroad, implement the contents of the various royal discourses in this sense and develop the mechanisms of the Moroccan diplomacy. A diplomacy which is called to take the technological progress into account. The Secretary general also called for the establishment of a Moroccan cultural agency abroad to promote Moroccan cultural pluralism and the Moroccan model of spirituality which has become a reference for several African and European countries.



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