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Rabat : A Congolese delegation visits the CCME

Tuesday, 02 October 2018

A delegation of Congolese officials led by His Excellency Mr Jean Philippe NGAKOSSO, Ambassador and Deputy Secretary General, Head of the Department of the Congolese community  Abroad were received at the Council of the Moroccan Community living Abroad (CCME),  Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at  the Council, in Rabat. 

Mr. Mustapha El Mourabit and Mr. Mohamed Saibari chaired the meeting for the CCME and answered to the questions of the members of the delegation, particularly regarding the founding texts of the CCME and its missions and prerogatives.

"The purpose of our visit is to benefit from the Moroccan experience and expertise in the field of migration, especially in its organizational aspect," said HE Mr Jean Philippe NGAKOSSO, stating that his newly created institution needs the support of a country like Morocco "which has made a long experience in this field".

Mr. El Mourabit explained the the CCME’s role, which is a political independent  governance institution. Reason why, it grants the Council to evaluate public policies, whose work is based on scientific expertise.

Since 2007, the CCME produced several conclusions, studies and publications in different  spheres related to the interests of Moroccans around the world, in their countries of origin and host countries, especially in regard of their culture, citizenship, worship and  skills .

"Migration will always be constructive for host and origin countries, and we have conducted a skills study that has measured their contribution and the energy they represent", added Mr. El Mourabit.

The CCME’s aim has always been to overcome the stereotypes who harm the image of Moroccans around the world in Morocco or abroad: "in Morocco, the emigrant is not seen only seen as a « source of money transfers » but of expertise and competency. And he enjoys full citizenship in his country of origin. In host countries, the migrant is not a factor of instability or violence but of prosperity and cultural and linguistic enhancement ".

Mr. Mohamed Saibari, for his part, explained to the members of the delegation the stages of the establishment of the CCME within the Consultative Council for Human Rights, the designation of its 37 members in the host countries in proportion to the number of Moroccans who live abroad and the diverse work carried out by the six working groups of the council.


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