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Exhibition in the southern city of Boujdour around the book "Moroccans, Migrants and Travelers"

Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) organizes in partnership with the civil society networks of Boujdour and the Great South, from November 18 to December 18, 2018, an exhibition and workshops dedicated to the book produced by the CCME: "Moroccans, Migrants and Travelers".

This one-month event begins on December 18, the day commemorating the 60 years of independence of the Kingdom of Morocco, brings together educational teams from the CCME and associations of Boujdour and the Great Southern regions around the book "Moroccans, Migrants and travelers "for a world without borders, which has also become a didactic game for Moroccan youth in Morocco and elsewhere.


The communication of human values through voyage has always been an enrichment for humanity. The book published by the CCME shows, examples on how Moroccans, regardless of their conditions and origins (Muslim, Jewish, Arab, Amazigh) have shaped the History of Humanity.


During this month, locals in  Boujdour and the Great South are opening their doors  to the public and thus being a gateway to thinking and pass on the values of Knowledge for a better world " beyond our differences "through debates and educational games.


The educational expedition started with Tangier and pursued its trip to Dakhla, Laayoune, Smara, Nador, Imilchil, Agadir and Al Hoceima.


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