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Success stories of Moroccans living abroad

Friday, 08 February 2019

The second meeting of the day dealt with the theme success stories of moroccans who achieved their dreams. Every participant recounted his pathway to success.

Mrs Hanane Benkhallouk, said : "I moved to the United States in 1996  for a master's degree where I bagan my career in New York ».

SIEL19 D1 T2 BENKHELOKShe then settled in Dubai where  she became office manager at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation. A turning point in her carreer says Mrs Benkhallouk responsibility was a turning point in her carrer « because she realized the importance of economy, innovation and creation of added value in my work and actions.

Mrs Hanane Benkhallouk then said that the Moroccans living abroad are able, thanks to their expertise, to play a key role in the development of Morocco.

Mr. Rachid Hanbali, born in sidi Ifni, and graduate of the art school in the city of  Tetouan, left Morocco for Spain (Grenada) and finally to England. 


Mr Rachid Hanbali told his story as an artist able to access the most prestigious art galleries in England where his dream became true : he exhibits his paintings in prestigious galleries.

The Moroccan artist paid tribute to his teacher at the Fine Arts School of Tetouan, Mr Saad Ben Seffaj who he said : "greatly enriched my vision of Moroccan art and helped me push the limits of my imagination." 

Mr Hanbali, then said : » we are often our own limit »

Mr. Noureddine Fatty, born near Ourzazate, left Morocco in the 90’s for Italy. He began as a street artist before becoming a well known musician in Italy. 


After the 11 september terrorist attacks, he took the decision to work  with jewish and christian musicians against hatred. He created "coexist" an opera to celebrate religious coexistence and met two popes : Jean Paul II and Benedict XVI. 

Paul Dahan, born in Fes, is a psychoanalyst and member of the CCME. He lives in Belgium. Mr Dahan shared his personal experience with the audience about exile and migration.


His story was very emotional : »In each trip, we leave one origin to go to another place and meet a series of events distinct from our origins and that makes us feel  strange » said Mr Dahan. He added : » "I left Fez and went to Europe but over the years, I realized that the experience of Morocco is unique". 

"I used this personal connection to give young people the means to know their culture and be Belgian in Belgium and Moroccan in Morocco because we can not deny our origins". 




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