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Moroccan artists living abroad: journeys, inspirations and aspirations

Sunday, 10 February 2019

The second round table of this Sunday, February 10, 2019 celles the Moroccans living abroad to talk about their concerns and ambitions. Nora Noor (Belgium), Izza Genini (France), Hélène Meyer (France), David Serero (United States) and Mustapha Zoufri (Belgium) took part to this meeting. David Serero, French-moroccan opera singer (Baryton) sang the Moroccan national anthem.

Mr David Serero child of a mixed couple (his mother is French and father Moroccan) has performed in the most distinguished operas of the world.  He is currently based in the United States, where he produces opera shows and musicals. 


"In my career, I realized that if you want to run forward, you have to look back," says the artist, who adds «I work on my culture of origin to revisit international works ». He gave the example of a shakespeare play, he staged, which was inspired of Jewish-Moroccan melodies. The richness of this culture is due to its origins : Moroccan art, Arab, Andalusian, Hebrew .

The opera singer announced  the production of the festival of opera in Morocco in April 2020. 

Ms Izza Genini highlighted the abundance of the senses and emotions that remind her of her childhood in Morocco and awaken her inspiration drawn from her Moroccan origins.


She remembers the different encounters that led her to produce films and documentaries about Morocco: "I was rocked in the perfumes of my childhood at the rue des Italiens in place of Verdun de Casablanca".

« I have always wanted to claim my origins. So I decided to start producing documentary films, "says Izza Genini.

 "My heritage works are now the subject of research and admiration," said Izza Genini, who  officials to a structured cultural distribution allowing access to these productions.

Ms Nora Noor, is a French-Moroccan conservator and professional photographer and has essentially  portrayed women from the Arab world.

Ms Nora Noor explains that the choice of portrays of Arab women, seemed natural, because she was a victim of racism. The photographer explains that her portrays always express a part of her, and in this case her origins. 


Ms Hélène Meyer is a Moroccan-French dancer and choreographer talked about her particular bond to Morocco because she says «  Morocco inspires me every day by its values that bring together". 


Ms Meyer who says that even if she doest speak arabic, speak Arabic her children are learning arabic at. She also took the decision to create a dance school where she everything is related to rhe warmth of human relations in Morocco. 

Mr Mustapha Zoufri, a belgian-moroccan artist, considers that Art, of brightens the lives of deprieved groups. The artist talked about his career which began in the city of Oujda where he got involved in theater and drawing. He left Morocco for Belgium where he entered the  school of fine arts.



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