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Publications: historical and contemporary presence of Moroccan legacy in Germany

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Two new Books have been presented during this fist meetings : Abdelhak El Kouani's "Contemporary legislation of Muslims in Europe" and "the different images of Moroccan Culture in the German and Swiss Works from 1830 to 1911 (Comparative Study)" by Redouane Daoui. Mr Mohamed Kharchich, member of the CCME, moderated the debate.


Mr Abdelhak El Kouani, imamin Germany , says that the issue of legislation in Europe is getting more important because  because Muslims are part of the social life of Western countries.

The main problem, says Mr Abdelkhalek, is that most of authorities who have worked on this question do not live in Europe, which can be a problem for  European Muslims ".


For Mr El Kouani  the challenge in Germany, the challenge is to « to maintain an equilibrium between the religious practice and the citizenship". « Produce a religious heritage in conformity with the European realities instead of importing legislations originated in different contexts".

At the end of his intervention he said : " given to its European history, especially in Spain, the malekite rite seems the most able to adapt to European realities, ".

Mr Redouane Daoui, talked about his thesis :  "texts written in German and produced by German, Austrian and Swiss writers in the 19th century".


He explains that the 19th century was of great important in the relations between Africa and Europe with the colonization of Algeria and expansion to Africa of the  European countries".


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