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Meeting: The image of Morocco and its culture in Africa and the Arab world

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The CCME organized a meeting around the "Image of Morocco and its culture in Africa and in the Arab world", February 10, 2020. Participated in this meeting Mr Abderrahmane Ngaïdé, historian and teacher-researcher in Senegal, Ayman Ali Abdelaziz, Egyptian writer and journalist,Mrs Noufissa Dahbi, history professor at “Université Ibn Tofail de Kénitra, Mrs Hanaa Trifiss, graduate of Sciences Po Paris and social actor and Mr Rachid Id Yassine, lecturer at the Gaston Berger University in Senegal. The round table was moderated by MrOmar El Mourabet, member of the CCME.

Rachid Id Yassine

Mr Rachid Id Yassine spoke about the sociological aspect of Moroccan islam in Africa and its four characteristics, specifically objectivity, subjectivity, interactivity and mutative.
He said :”Morocco’s image in Africa and in the Arab world is different from that conveyed in Europe since the Kingdom is part of African and Arab-Muslim culture. The image of Morocco among other Africans is distinguished by its singularity, "we define Morocco as a historically heavy state, politically stable, a strong state, which manages to combine democracy and modernity".

Hanaa Trifiss

Mrs Hanaa Trifiss said for her part :” the image is first of all what we build from within a country, before being exported across borders. The image of Morocco abroad first of all the look we have on our the country”.

Abderrahmane Ngaïdé

In his contribution, Abderrahmane Ngaïdé, researcher from Senegal makes a distinction between the image that a country wants to transmit and the image that the citizens of the country will build with other nationalities through personal exchanges. He underlines that "the image we have of Morocco through our exchanges with Moroccans living in Africa or abroad depends on their personal experiences and does not express the way the country wants to be percieved”.

Ayman Ali Abdelaziz

The Egyptian journalist and writer, Ayman Ali Abdelaziz, said "Morocco’s relationship with Egypt is historical and cultural ties are strong since the creation of Al Quaraouiyine University and that of Al Azhar University” more than a half of a century later.
He added, the Moroccan travelers in Egypt also strenghented the relations between the two countries who woked together for the emission of the Arab-Muslim culture. This cooperation is rooted in works on the Melkite rite, readings of the Koran and linguistic studies.

Noufissa Dahbi

Mrs Noufissa Dahbi, said "the African history gives a positive image of Morocco on the continent and in the Arab world". She explains that geography is an essential element of this image since it makes Morocco a pivot between the West, Africa and the East. "An independent and specific image known for its diversity and civilizations which have crossed it historically".
She also syas that "Moroccan Sufism has played, in addition to the spiritual role, a catalyzing and unifying effect of Muslim populations in the African continent.


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