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The real and phantasmic image of Morocco in art and literature

Thursday, 13 February 2020

The round table around the theme “the real and phantasmic image of Morocco in Art and Litterature” on February 12, 2020 round table gathered Mr Youssef Aït Hammou, researcher in linguistics and semiology, Mr. Khalid Amine, president of the International Center for Spectacle Studies in Tangier, Mrs Fatima Hal, Moroccan chef and anthropologist, Samira Jamouchi, professor researcher in visual arts in Belgium and Rachid Santaki, novelist and scriptwriter in France. The meeting was moderated by Abdelghani Dadès, member of the CCME.

The participants raised several questions such as « The moroccan Litterature should transmit the wealth of of our culture and history” (Rachid Santaki) , “The contribution of immigration of the Moroccan theatre” (Khalid Amine) , “Morocco, an unending source of inspiration in the western world”, “Culinary brings people together” (Fatima Hal) and “The approach of the image of Morocco in Western cinema is out of touch with reality”(Youssef Hammou)


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