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Morocco’s image in the work of Juan Goytisolo

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Morocco’s image in the work of Juan Goytisilo” was the theme of the round table on 13 february 2020. The meeting gathered Mr Victor Morales Lezcano, Spanish historian and authority of the Arab World and North Africa and Mr Ibrahim Al Khatib, Moroccan translator and academician. The meeting was moderated by Mr Mohamed Chouirdi, Moroccan translator and civil actor based in Spain.

Mohamed Chouirdi

Mr Mohamed Chouirdi who posed the theme, said: "Juan Goytisolo has established through his works what Spain has in common with the Arab world and Morocco".

Ibrahim Al Khatib

In his introduction speech, Mr Ibrahim El Khatib, friend of Juan Goytisolo for more than 30 years and translator of five of his works, described his route with the Spanish author.
The characteristic of Juan Goytsilo’s work is his fascination of the Moroccan culture and this through his residence in Marrakech until his death in 2017.

Victor Morales Lezcano

For his part, Mr Victor Morales Lezcano, presented the spirit of the works of Pérez Galdòs, a writer who spoke about the coexistence within the Moroccan society, "country where Muslims are not those warriors we imagine and where Jews and Christians are not persecuted ”.


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