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Schedule: Saturday 11th June

Saturday, 11 June 2022

10.00-12.30 CCME Matinee

10.00 - 11.30: "Palabres sous l'arganier": A Migrant, a book, a journey

11.30 - 12.30: "Dhikra - Fragments of memories of the travelling migrant in Norway" Speakers: Mr Abu Amra Naser (Palestine/Norway), Mr Youssef Haji (Morocco/France), MS Najima Thay Thay Rhozali (Morocco), Mr Tarik Slaiki (Morocco)

15.00-16.00 Round tables

"The migratory work".

Book tribute to pioneering writers of migration

Speakers: Mr. Kacem Basfao (Morocco), Mr. Noureddine Bousfiha (Morocco), Ms Sanae Ghouati (Morocco), Mr. Abdellah Baida (Morocco), Mr. Kebir Mustapha Ammi (France), Mr. Hassan Bourkia (Morocco), Mr. Mustapha Bencheikh (Morocco)

16.15-17.15 An author and his books

Author: Mr. Ali Benmakhlouf (France) Introduction by Mr. Mohamed Sghir Janjar (Morocco)

17.30-19.30 Round tables

Which place for academic research on migration issues?

Speakers: Mr El Mustapha Chegdali (Morocco), Mr Ayad Ablal (Morocco), Ms Souad Kaab (Morocco), Mr Zakaria Boudhim (Morocco), Mr Jamal Fezza (Morocco)

Moderator: Mr. Mustapha El Mourabit (Morocco)

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