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SIEL : program, Saturday February 16th

Saturday, 16 February 2019 07:30


Youth Matinee



CCME publications

  "مغاربة العالم, أنموذج عمالة رونو", Khalid Ouassou, Mostafa Idbihi (testimony)


The Literary hour

"Tangellois, no, perhaps! , by Amidou Si M'Hammed

Moderator: Mr Mohamed Anouar Haidour



The Agora meetings


"Globalization of Moroccan culture in the digital age"

Speakers: Ms Fatna El Hamrit, Ms Mariame Tighanimine, Ms Sofia Kacim and Mr Nabil Bouhajra,

Moderator: Mr Mohammed Moussaoui



The Agora meetings

«Media and the image of Morocco abroad»

Speakers: Mr Zouhir Louassini, Mr Fadoua Massat, Mr Anas Bouslamti and Mr Mustapha Tossa

Moderator: Mr Mohamed Saibari (CCME)

Plural identity and civil engagement

Friday, 15 February 2019 17:51

A round table on "Plural identity and civil engagement" took place Friday 15 ferbruary at the CCME stand. Parcticipated to this meeting : Mr Ahmed El Khannouss (Belgium), Ms Nessrin Mr El Hachlaf Bensaid (Spain) and MsFatima Orsatelli (France). It was moderated by Mr Zouhir Louassini (journalist).

SIEL : program, Friday, February 15

Friday, 15 February 2019 07:30


Youth matinees



The Agora appointments

"Multiple identities and citizen commitment"

Speakers: Mr Rachid Benzine, Mr Khaled Chaouki, Mr Ahmed El Khannouss and Ms Nessrin El Hachlaf Bensaid

Moderator: Mrs.Fatima Orsatelli

The round table "plural identities and citizen commitment" proposes to focus on the added value of dual membership in political engagement abroad and understand the importance of preserving cultural diversity to cope with the challenges of the world, political and religious extremism.



Moroccan women and politicians of the world: cross-cultural experiences

Speakers: Ms. Nadia El Yousfi, Ms. Salwa El Gharbi, Mr. Mustapha Laabid and Mr. Rachid Moktadir

Moderator: Mr Abdelghani Dades

The round table "Moroccan men and women politicians of the world: cross experiences" would like to highlight the singularity of the courses that will take part, elected representatives from the cultural diversity of various European countries.


"The literary hour"

- "Illegitimate old age? Elder Moroccan migrant women or the difficult paths of recognition » ", by Ms. Fatima Ait Ben Lmadani, Bouregreg Publishing

- "Between the Hammer and the Anvil" Documentary, Al Hassania Moroccan Women's Center (Ms. Souad Talsi)

Moderator: Ms Amina Ennceiri

The round-table on "The sense of Moroccan style in world" will gather Albert Oiknine, Faouzi Skali, Younes Duret and Souhail Serghini. The meeting is moderated by Aziz Rifki (CCME).

Round table: "Plural Morocco "

Thursday, 14 February 2019 18:53

The meeting  on "Plural Morocco" was conducted by the researchers Mr Mohammed Hatmi, Mr Mohamed Reda Boudchar, Mr Mohammed Ahmed Ghayn and Lahoucine Bouyaakoubi  was moderated by Mr Jaouad Achakouri, Project Manager at the CCME.

The last meeting of Wednesday, gathered the authors of "The wind starts blowing, death in exile" by Abdelhamid El Bayouki (Spain) and "Prayers on high seas, memories of an illegal migrant" by Mohamed Doublali (Italy) . The round table was moderated by Mr Hamid Bichri( CCME) moderated and attended by Professor Mohamed Mokhtari (United Arab Emirates).

SIEL : program, thursday, February 14

Thursday, 14 February 2019 07:30


Youth Matinees



Signing session

"The Besieged Child" and "The Song of the Hoope", M'hammed Mellouki, Marsam Editions


The Agora meetings

"Morocco’s plurality"

Speakers: Mohammed Hatmi, Mohamed Reda Boudchar, Mohammed Ahmed Ghayn and Lahoucine Bouyaakoubi

Moderator: Jaouad Achakouri

During this meeting, we will discuss affluents and components that have contributed to the enrichment of the culture of Moroccans for centuries, and dedicated a cultural specificity that covers many areas



"Moroccan savoir-vivre throughout the world"

Speakers: Albert Oiknine, Faouzi Skali, Younes Duret and Souhail Serghini

Moderated by Aziz Rifki

During this meeting, the participants will discuss the tributaries  and components that have contributed to the enrichment of the Moroccan culture for centuries.

During this meeting, Mr Mostafa Chendid (Denmark), Mr Khalid Ghazali (Italy), Mr Youssef Sbai (Italy) ), and Mr Mustapha El Mourabit (CCME) will discuss the "Religious culture among Muslims in Europe: sources and transmissions". The meeting will be wil moderated  by Mr Abdellah Redouane (CCME member).

Books: Singular migration journeys

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 17:53

The second meeting of the day, reviewed three books published by the CCME: "course of the Moroccans of the Gulf countries", "course of the Moroccans of the Netherlands" produced by the digital Newspaper Hespress and "memory of suitcases" written by Ms Rachida El Ansari Zaki.

Two new Books have been presented during this fist meetings : Abdelhak El Kouani's "Contemporary legislation of Muslims in Europe" and "the different images of Moroccan Culture in the German and Swiss Works from 1830 to 1911 (Comparative Study)" by Redouane Daoui. Mr Mohamed Kharchich, member of the CCME, moderated the debate.

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