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Interview with Mr.Khalid Chaouki,Italian MP from moroccan descent

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Italy has finally adopted the law on citizenship after years of harsh political debates between the right and the left wing.

An important step for the Moroccan community in Italy  because this law will make the integration of moroccans in the  Italian society mush easier. In the following interview, Mr. Khalid Chaouki, Italian MP of Moroccan origin and coordinator of the group "immigration" in the Italian Parliament, explains the impact of the adoption of this law on the Moroccan community in Italy.

The citizenship law is finally a reality in the Italian parliament. How do you feel now ?

I say yes... finally. The actual legislation dates back to 1992 and 23 years after, this country has literally changed : we live in another Italy now. The younger generation, the so-called "new Italians" or "second generation" are the ones who have suffered the most from the lack of legislation on citizenship. They are more than one million in Italy, according to the official statistics of 2014 : a million boys and girls..the children of this plural Italy.

Yet, there are many people  who say that is not enough. What is your opinion ?

Because the movement that fought for this  bill involves several parties. The cultural roots of the child's family was at the heart of the debate on the acquisition of citizenship. For many people this law is not an achievement, because they ignore the hard work done during these negotiations with political forces hostile to this reform.

What else can be done ?

Sure, we can always do more. The bill that we  proposed was more inclusive, but we must take into account the great work done by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, to pass the law in the Parliament and now  the Senate. I am pleased with this great step forward.

This law will be decisive, especially for the second generation of Moroccans in Italy. Remember that this is the second largest foreign community in Italy.

But, in practice, what will this law change "in their lives?"

I hope, and in fact I am sure that their lives will change for the better. Things will go faster, because there will be less  bureaucracy for the acquisition of citizenship. Italy will be also a more welcoming place for these young generations who are the future of our country. Our children will be Italian when they get to school. And that’s a great evolution, dont you think so ?

The Moroccan community has always stood for the work and the integration of its members, very active in the civil society. I hope that this positive move will be confirmed and get stronger over the years: Italy needs us.

What are the other projects on immigration that will be discussed during this legislature?

One of the hardest issues is the question of migrant asylum seekers. This is the main question that engages Europe's credibility. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said, once again that he wanted want to the put an end to the Dublin Regulation III. A regulation which was adopted in 2003, when the government was headed by Silvio Berlusconi and the Minister of Justice Roberto Castelli member of the Northern League (far right).

The war in the Middle East creates  insecurity and instability: there are thousands of refugees and displaced persons. So it is clear that this regulation ( Dublin III) should definitely be reviewed.

Translated from Italian

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