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African immigrants in Morocco should be “real citizens”: Official

Tuesday, 07 October 2014

African immigrants living in Morocco should be real citizens, said Friday in Rabat Driss El Yazami, president of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH).

El Yazami who was speaking at a meeting on “Moroccan-African relations”, stressed that the Kingdom’s new migration policy based on African immigrants integration requires reflection on the issues of employment, education and housing which must be solved in a tough economic circumstance.     

Integration is also about “learning to accept the other,” Morocco’s human rights watchdog pointed out, adding that “our society is not free of unhealthy behaviours, prejudgments and stereotypes.” 

For his part, the director of the Centre for Saharan Studies Boubrik Rahal highlighted the long-standing relations between Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa which go beyond economic consideration to include cultural and spiritual dimensions.   

“The recent visits of HM the King to some African countries reflects the bonds of brotherhood and friendship between Morocco and sub Saharan Africa and the Kingdom’s commitment to deepen even further multifaceted cooperation,” Boubrik said.


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