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Chokri Moussaoui; the rise of a cleantech Moroccan entrepreneur to the top

At only 31-year-old, Chokri Moussaoui managed to get his name propelled in the world of cleantech. Originally from the region of Al Hoceima and graduate of Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), he co-founded with his classmate Stefan Roest, the company Eternal Sun which will revolutionize the solar industry in the world.

Today, research institutes, manufacturers, and certification authorities choose “Eternal Sun” for the validation of the quality of solar modules and materials. A great reputation that has earned the company, and the young CEO, the price of Global Ideas Award at the Cleantech Open Global Forum in Silicon Valley, pole-tech industries in California, USA.

Last pledge dated attesting to the growing confidence in the future of the company means that Eternal Sun has just concluded a Series A financing to the tune of € 2 million with the Belgian investment company Vermec SA. This funding is for expanding international sales activities and services of the young company, whose business has gone beyond the solar industry, and today also relates innovative equipment and specific tests for the automotive world, aerospace and chemical industry.

Similarly, he noted with pride that the largest company involved in the production and installation of plates for the park Ouarzazate in Morocco is also a client of Eternal Sun and uses its services.

For him, Morocco, a strong country due its political stability and its huge natural potential, along with other countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India and South Korea, made a bold choice in wanting to diversify its energy supply modes. Moussaoui said he is willing to contribute to this great project, especially in terms of start-up development by sharing his experience with young Moroccan entrepreneurs.

“Investors seek political stability and good investment climate and Morocco is fortunate to have both at the same time” emphasizes the CEO of Eternal Sun, adding that the Moroccan desert is a boon for investors in energy solar.

Alongside his duties as CEO of Eternal Sun, Chokri Mousaoui is also highly sought after for being a conference speaker. He has lectured in Shanghai, Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore, Dubai and soon in Paris. "I am ready to go to Morocco to share my experience, its ups and downs, with my Moroccan compatriots," he says.

Eternal Sun, whose turnover reached in 2014, according to Moussaoui, a billion euro, was born in the famous incubator YesDelft !, the first in Europe and third globally. It is now a reference in its field thanks to the perseverance of its founders, but also to the favorable climate offered by the incubator Delft which hosts young entrepreneurs, billionaires and researchers.

A lesson, and one that the young Chokry wishes to convey to young Moroccan entrepreneurs: "Just begin, and do not be overcome by the first falls".

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