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Testimonies from the Moroccan journalists of the world

    CCME-Siel: A conference entitled “Being a journalist today”, initiated by the Club des journalistes accrédités au Maroc in partnership with the Council for the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), was held on May 17 at the Rabat book fair.

    The journalists, mainly Moroccans from around the world, shared their experiences and views on the issues facing journalism in today's world.

    From reporting on armed conflicts to investigative journalism and major international events, they shared their stories and insights into the challenges they have had to face in their profession, and outlined the future of journalism.

    In a statement to MAP, the President of the CCME, Driss El Yazami, pointed out that Moroccan journalists throughout the world are fully equipped to significantly contribute to the overall development of the journalistic profession in their home countries, pointing out that the profession is undergoing major changes throughout the world, in particular as a result of the rise of social networks and artificial intelligence.

    Mr. El Yazami underlined the constants of journalism and the importance of professional ethics as a key to success for journalists both at home and abroad.

    Jalal Al Makhfi, the President of the Moroccan Correspondents' Club, echoed the message conveyed by this event, which not only sheds light on the achievements of prominent Moroccan journalists, but also serves as a forum for debate on issues relating to journalism in an era of political, economical and technological transformation.

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