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About CCME

A national consultative institution , the Council of the Moroccan Community living abroad was established by Royal Decree in December 2007, and was made constitutional ensuing the July 2011 reform in the constitution approved by referendum.

The CCME's responsibilities include the monitoring and evaluation of the country's public policies in regards to its nationals abroad.

It is responsible for issuing notices to ensure the defense of the interests of overseas Moroccans, strengthening their contribution to the economic, social and human development of the country. Further, it aims to reinforce the diplomatic relations and cooperation between Morocco and their respective countries of residence.

Bringing together legislative members and observer members representing key ministries and institutions involved in migration issues, the CCME held its first plenary session in June 2008; it has notably set up six working groups comprising various members, appointed for a term of four years.

A systematic gender approach

Organized in the month of December 2008, "Meetings with Moroccan women from here and elsewhere" were a first illustration of this approach and have since become an eagerly awaited event, with the participation, in 2008 and 2009, of more than 400 people from more than twenty countries.

For the third edition of these meetings, the CCME decided to hold regional meetings with Moroccan women of the world to get closer to the specificities of each region. For instance in Europe, the meetings were held on the 18th and 19th of December 2010 in Brussels and in the Americas, the meetings were held on the 14th and 15th of May 2011 in Montreal.

Furthermore, an international meeting on Moroccan retirees in May 2009, in partnership with twelve retiree associations and a prime forum of young Moroccans of the world, organized with the French Ministry in charge of the Moroccan Community Abroad (Ifrane, 27 and July 28, 2010) are just mere examples of some of the events that take into account this increasingly diverse community.

Boosting the cultural action within the Moroccan Diaspora

Looking at the considerable expectations of the immigration and especially the younger generations in the cultural field, the CCME contributes to strengthening the cultural offer of Morocco through the edition of music CDs, the translation and publication of the works of international Moroccan authors, it also provides support for cultural events organized by the Moroccan civil community and promotes the presence of Moroccan artists from abroad in several festivals in Morocco and in international fairs...

The CCME has also assisted in setting up four exhibitions on the history of immigration presented, after their circulation in Europe, in Ten Moroccan Cities and especially in large areas of emigration. An exhibition on the relationship between Morocco and Europe since the eleventh century was presented in Brussels, Antwerp and Rabat, before a stop at the City Hall of Paris, in September 2011.

In February 2012, the CCME was present for the fourth consecutive year at the International Book and Publishing Fair in Casablanca (SIEL) in joint stand with the Moroccan competition Council, the National Council for Human Rights and the Central Authority for the Prevention of corruption. The four institutions have wanted to celebrate with the public and exhibitors this popular festival of culture and citizenship.

Partner of the Advisory Council on Human Rights in 2009, the CCME honored in 2010 with its partners-the Ministry of Culture and the Minister Delegate in Charge of Moroccans Living Abroad-, Moroccan writers of the world, guests of honor at the sixteenth edition of the SIEL. In 2011, for the 17th edition of SIEL, the theme of the CCME's stand was "Literature - Migration - Mediterranean."

In the same spirit of consolidating the cultural offer of Morocco, the Council participated in the Book Fair Maghreb Montreal in March 2011 and took part in the 26th International Book and Press fair in Geneva April 2012, in which Morocco was the guest of honor.

Then, in the last quarter of 2012, the CCME took part in the cultural and civic season along the French Community of Belgium and Brussels, DABA Morocco.

A peaceful reflection of Islam in Europe

A growing population of Muslim confession and culture in Europe has triggered various reactions and issues. The Council began a thorough examination through the organization of three international conferences: Fes (The legal status of Islam in Europe, March 2009), Casablanca (Islam in Europe: what model in June 2009?) And in Strasbourg in partnership with the General Secretariat of the Council of Europe (Islam in Europe: executive education, religious education and teaching of religion, in March 2010).

These seminars brought together European scholars, representatives of public authorities in these countries as well as Muslim civil society actors. Four agreements were signed with specialized Moroccan academic institutions and strong partnerships are underway with their EU counterparts.

Contributing to the development of scientific research

Considering that the development of appropriate public policies to follow the mutations of emigration requires the establishment of a national research agenda, the Council took several actions in this area. It has supported scientific symposia held in Morocco by the Moroccan research teams, it has also organized an international symposium on language learning of immigration, another on the new paradigms in the social sciences on immigration, signed agreements with several Moroccan universities as well as with the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (in partnership with MCMRE) with a view to open resource centers. The CCME also works to create a national fund for research on emigration.

Two surveys, the latest in partnership with the corresponding ministry MCMRE, on expectations of Moroccans in Europe has been made.

Assessing public policies

To ensure its dual consultative and prospective function, the CCME is conducting a series of studies on Moroccan public policies and on international migration dynamics and debates that emerged both in Morocco and in the countries of Residence.

In parallel, and with the involvement of observer members, several hearings of key departments and institutions - public and private - involved in migration issues were arranged. Seminars and symposia were held on various issues related to the mission of the Council (Moroccan athletes of the world, Moroccans journalists of the world, the contribution of Moroccan associations abroad in co-development, the impact of the economic crisis on migrant Moroccans in Spain and Italy, the irregular migrants in Morocco, etc.).

The CCME also leads in this context a policy for monitoring and partnership with international institutions involved in thinking and action in the field of immigration.

A reasoned and pluralistic reflection on citizenship

The CCME organized in March 2009 the first International Meeting of the councils of emigration. It resulted in the creation of a liaison committee and a secretariat provided by the CCME. The second meeting is planned in Spain.

This meeting allowed an important exchange of experience in the field of emigrants and citizenship. A study showcasing the international experiences in this field was produced by a team of researchers from the CCME. The decree establishing the Council confers the mission to develop opinions on the future composition of the Board and the terms of participation of Moroccan immigrants in the democratic life of the country. The development of such manoeuvre shall be preceded by extensive consultations that the Council is required to conduct with players in Moroccan communities abroad, political actors and institutions in Morocco itself.

The organization of a seminar on the 18th and 19th of June 2011 in Casablanca ,on the constitutional reform has enriched the debate about the citizenship of Moroccans abroad, after His Majesty the King announced in his speech, the referendum of July 1st, 2011.

The seminar was an opportunity to present two new studies. The first is entitled "Representation & political participation of citizens abroad: Inventory of national experiences. Terms and limits". The second is a comparative study of the emphasis put on immigration and expatriates in the country's constitution. The study involved 45 countries.

Promoting the contribution of the Moroccan skilled to the country's development.

Convinced of the need to boost the contribution of Moroccan talents abroad in the development of Morocco, the CCME has organized several meetings, each with dozens of highly qualified Moroccan executives (Montreal, Barcelona, Toulouse, Lyon, etc.); this has set up a social network for exchanges and discussions. In partnership with the MCMRE, a seminar was held in March 2010, on the contribution of Moroccans of the world to the debate on the National Charter for the environment, and over fifty Moroccan experts living abroad took part in it.

An international seminar on the contribution of Moroccan qualified profiles living abroad was held in Rabat in March 2012. This seminar was an opportunity to present the results of an original study by the CCME on public policies and the civil society's actions to mobilize the Moroccan expertise in the last 20 years of the economic history of the Kingdom.

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