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A Moroccan autumn in Paris

Thursday, 25 September 2014

To honor the 10th anniversary of the Friendship and Cooperation Pacts signed with the Moroccan cities of Rabat and Casablanca, the City of Paris will celebrate Morocco through a diverse programme of events and exhibitions, lasting all through autumn, from the 18th September to the 25th January 2015, in parallel with the major shows organized by the Arab World Institute and the Louvre museum.

The festival’s programme will revolve around four core themes: ‘Poetry, Voices from Morocco’ (as part of the Montmartre Harvest Festival); ‘Morocco and cultural plurality’, exploring the interaction of cultures via religion, gastronomy and Diaspora communities; ‘Morocco in perspective’; and ‘Women in Morocco’.

The program for these events will be held jointly with an exhibition at the Louvre museum: «Moroccan cultures on stage thinking" that will bring together the works of some 80 artists who will deliver an overview of the creation in Morocco, with an emphasis on architecture, design and Moroccan fashion.

A tribute to the city of Tangier "object of fascination for William Burroughs, Roland Barthes, Marguerite Yourcenar, Keith Richards Jim Jarmusch and Jean Genet, who have resided, worked or traveled there" will also take place.

The festival also includes a packed programme of guided tours, musical events; most notably" Rwayes and Ahwaches”, as well as culinary workshops and events for kids.

Don’t miss out:

 Thursday 18th September – 20:30: INAUGURATION of the exhibition ‘Morocco: arts and identities’

Saturday 20th September - 20:30: CONCERT ‘Oum’

Sunday 21th September - 20:30: CONCERT Ibn Arabi ensemble

Friday 26th September - 20:30: CONCERT ‘Abdelhadi El Rharbi’

Saturday 27th September - 20:30: DANCE - Madame ICI by Bouchra Ouizgen / Compagnie O

9th-11th October - FOCUS 1: POETRY, VOICES FROM MOROCCO (as part of the Montmartre Harvest Festival)


27th-30th November - FOCUS 3: MOROCCO, LIVING WORDS

18th-21st December - FOCUS 4: WOMEN IN MOROCCO

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