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Clinton Global Initiative to Host Its Inaugural Middle East and Africa Meeting in Marrakech

Saturday, 27 September 2014

New York - Former President Bill Clinton, Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton announced that the Clinton Global Initiative will hold its inaugural CGI Middle East and Africa Meeting in the Spring of 2015 in Marrakech with a focus on economic development.

“CGI brings together leaders from all sectors of society, highlighting successes and creating opportunities to build partnerships to further social, economic, and environmental goals,” said President Clinton at the 10th CGI Annual Meeting today.

“The Middle East and Africa have a youthful workforce, fast-growing economies, untapped natural resources, and enormous potential to thrive in the coming years”, he added.

“These are fast-developing regions that need to take up many challenges, but also offer significant opportunities,” Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, hailing the choice of Morocco to hold this important event.

“I’d like to extend my thanks to the Moroccan government, the private sector and NGOs in the Kingdom for their hospitality,” she added.

For the former American Ambassador Edward Gabriel, the “choice of Morocco to host the first meeting of CGI on the Middle East and Africa attests to the regional leadership and stability of the Kingdom, as well as the strength of private and public sectors which have demonstrated their commitment to take up the challenges of our time.”

In addition to CGI’s Annual Meeting in September, CGI hosts a number of convenings throughout the year, including CGI America and CGI University. In recent years, CGI has brought its model of dialogue and commitment-making to an international setting, tailored to a specific region.

This will be the third CGI International Meeting. In December 2008, CGI Asia in Hong Kong brought together several hundred leaders from across the continent to further strengthen social and global responsibility in Asia.

In December 2013, CGI Latin America brought together key leaders from the private sector, government, civil society, and NGOs to address to the region’s most pressing challenges.


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