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Washington: Presentation of the theatrical comedy piece"Bent Negafa Bayra"

Monday, 20 April 2015

The theatrical comedy piece "Bent Negafa Bayra" by Moroccan troupe "El Founoun" enjoyed on Saturday night in Washington, a great success with the Moroccan community residing in the Greater Washington area.

The presentation of this work, written by Anwar al Jundi, directed by Hajar El Jundi and interpreted, especially by Naima Ilyass, Hnia Alghachi Hassan Moustafa and Mekiat Dassoukin was initiated by ForeSee Theater Association. This theatrical comedy tells the story of a Neggafa who ensures the preparation, according to the beautiful Moroccan traditional customs, of the bride and groom for their wedding ceremonies, relying on her know-how to make the different stages of this process successful.

In a packed house, and in typical Moroccan decor, Moroccan comedians delighted young and elderly alike in a style that is both fine and intelligent, addressing topics related to Moroccan society, including marriage and the weight of tradition.

"This is an innovative initiative that is part of the cultural action program set up by the Ministry of the Moroccan community abroad to promote cultural dialogue and to make known for younger generations the cultural identity of their country of origin, "said Anwar El Jundi in a statement to MAP news agency.

He noted that "through such an initiative, we also hope to be a bridge that will strengthen ties between the Moroccan community living abroad and their countries of origin."

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