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The U.S. City of Alexandria to host Moroccan Days from April 26 -29

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The event promises an immersion in the Moroccan culture, art and history as this event is an open invitation to experience the Moroccan Village while visiting the exhibits of authentic handicraft, original creativity presented by Moroccan skilled artisans and artists from several regions of Morocco. It will also be an opportunity to taste authentic Moroccan cuisine prepared by renowned regional chefs.

In addition, popular musicians are to play live music and exhibit the many facets of Moroccan music that has been inspired by numerous cultures including Arabic, Mediterranean, African and European influences.

The Moroccan Village event will be held in the historic Alexandria City Hall, built in 1749. The venue highlights the common historic US - Moroccan relationship that ties the two countries for over two and half centuries.

The event is organized by the Moroccan American Network in partnership with the Alexandria's Mayor and Moroccan Ministries of Culture and Handicraft.

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