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Morocco’s ambassador to UK awarded with the 2015 Diplomat Magazine Prize

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Morocco’s ambassador to UK Lalla Joumala was granted, in London, the prestigious 2015 “Diplomat Magazine” Award for her outstanding contribution to diplomacy.

This coveted prize in London’s diplomatic milieu was awarded to the Moroccan ambassador in recognition of her outstanding efforts to reinforce diplomatic action, said former British ambassador Charles Crawford during the awarding ceremony organized on Monday in the presence of around 80 foreign ambassadors, news outlets representatives and other figures.

The “2015 Distinguished Contribution to Diplomacy in London” award is very important as it is granted by foreign diplomats accredited to London, said Crawford, lauding the human and professional attributes of the Moroccan ambassador.

This honorary award was granted to Lalla Joumala by her peers for her laudable actions that helped enrich and foster dialogue between Africa and Europe, he noted, surveying the main events initiated by the Kingdom’s ambassador in Great Britain.

For her part, Lalla Joumala voiced her pride over this prize which is an honor for Morocco and an encouragement for the Moroccan diplomacy which is tirelessly striving to foster understanding and dialogue between people.

Dr. Venetia DeBloc Vankuffeler, editor of the British magazine "Diplomat Magazine" praised the Moroccan ambassador's Award (2015 Distinguished Contribution to Diplomacy in London), highlighting the importance of this award given by diplomacy professionals to one of their peers for their actions and dynamism.

In statements given to MAP news agency, several foreign diplomats believe the prize attributed to the Ambassador of Morocco to the United Kingdom is not a gesture of appeasement but a well-deserved reward due to the strength and respect enjoyed by Lalla Joumala in the British diplomatic community.

Created in 1947, the British magazine "Diplomat Magazine" is a trade publication dedicated to the London diplomatic circles. The magazine covers the activities of embassies and gives readers policy analysis and folders on international relations./ with MAP

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