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The Consulate General of Morocco in New York organizes a Mobile Consulate in Dallas

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Morocco's Consulate General in New York, in collaboration with the British Embassy in Washington organized this weekend in Dallas (Texas), a Mobile Consulate of operation to serve the Moroccan community in this southern U.S. state.

According to MAP news agency, the event was attended by over 400 Moroccans who have benefited from various services; the majority was satisfied with the operation, which took place in a peaceful and transparent atmosphere.

The organization of this event was specifically framed by two local associations, namely the "American Moroccan Association of Dallas" and "Moroccan American Council of north Texas",    Chaired respectively by Messrs. Chaib Abdelaziz Daki and Salih.

It’s worth mentioning that this operation is part of a series of mobile consulates deployed for Moroccan nationals established in Orlando, Florida (southeast) and Dallas (Texas, east).

Other similar operations are planned in May in Los Angeles, California (west) and June in Raleigh, North Carolina (East) said the consulate.

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