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Moroccan Embassy opens to public for Washington’s annual ‘Passport DC’ celebrations

Tuesday, 05 May 2015

The diversity, authenticity and richness of Moroccan cultural heritage are featured in Washington DC, throughout the month of May, on the occasion of the event "Passport DC: Cultural tourism" organized by the Embassy of Morocco in the United States.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Handicraft and Social Economy, the Embassy of Morocco in the United States is devoting an exhibition presenting different Moroccan handicraft products combining tradition and modernity: tapestry , traditional costumes, basketry, decorative items, jewelry ... some very representative elements of the cultural identity of the kingdom.

Further, gnaoui and Andalusian songs are also set to accompany the exhibition, allowing some 280,000 attendees each year living in the US capital or simple visitors, to better soak up the culture.

Forty embassies will be present throughout the open doors event, including

Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Japan, Indonesia, Ghana, Gabon, Mexico, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, the Philippines, Bolivia, Haiti, Guatemala, the Bahamas and Malaysia.

The event is an opportunity to pay tribute to Moroccan crafts and to inform the American public of the diversity and specificity of the national cultural heritage and morocco’s ancestral know-how.

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