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Arlon: The Muslim community makes a significant financial donation to save Belgium’s oldest synagogue

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Wednesday evening, in Arlon, after a roundtable on the living together with representatives of the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and secular beliefs, the Association of Muslims of Arlon gave a check for 2,405 euros to Rabbi Jacob Jean-Claude to save the synagogue.

The synagogue of Arlon, Belgium's oldest has been closed since August 2014. The building is in a critical situation, riddled with dry rot. The Muslim community, which does not have a place worthy of worship, has been affected by the situation and has launched an appeal for donations during prayers on 27 February.

The place of worship of the Muslim community of Arlon is a simple house located Place de l'Yser. This is where, during the prayer of Friday, February 27, a call for donations, was launched, not for the mosque but for the synagogue.

The call for donations has been very well received: 450 euros were collected on the same day, and 2,405 euros in total. "What was striking and great is that, out of the prayer room there was a box for donations to the synagogue on the right and on the left, there was the box for the mosque. That day, people had given much more to the synagogue than to the mosque. "

The gesture surprised the Jewish community. "It has strengthened ties for sure. And I think that at the synagogue, we have a different view of this community", says Jean-Claude Rabbi Jacob.

The various religions are peacefully coexisting in Arlon. The Judeo-Christian friendship has existed for 60 years. And for ten years, Muslims and seculars have joined the group. Together they are working for tolerance and for promoting the living together.

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