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Paris: Moroccan skills residing abroad meet at the forum "Careers In Morocco"

Monday, 15 June 2015

Many professionals and graduates living abroad met Saturday in Paris, on the occasion of the 9th edition of the forum "Careers In Morocco", a platform for meetings between expatriates and Moroccan companies.

This event, organized by recruitment portal "Careers in Morocco", provides an opportunity for young graduates, Moroccan professionals and executives abroad to meet the Moroccan economic actors to pursue their careers in Morocco and contribute to the development of their country of origin.

In addition to the booths of different companies and institutions participating in this forum, this meeting was marked by the organization of a networking space for Moroccan skills abroad and a panel discussion focused on the role of executives and young Moroccan graduates living abroad in strengthening the positioning of Morocco in the African market.

Participants at the meeting noted that the technical and managerial skills are an essential lever to support businesses in their development projects across the continent, noting that Moroccan skills abroad are expected to address the shortage of qualified human resources in some areas.

Professional talents are one of Morocco's main assets in its opening strategy in the African market, they stressed, calling for focus on the export of the know-how and expertise of the Moroccans abroad.

The "Careers In Morocco" forum meets in Europe and North America, with some 5,000 attendees per event and allows Moroccan economic actors of all sectors, to meet a large number of potential candidates and present their companies and their sectors’ activity and their development project.

According to organizers, this initiative forms part of the national strategy for the return of skilled Moroccans residing abroad and the willingness of the latter to actively participate in the development of Morocco.

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