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The Association of Moroccan students in Bulgaria is officially launched

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Association of Moroccan students in Bulgaria (BVM) was officially launched on Friday in Sofia, at a ceremony attended by, among others, the Ambassador of Morocco in Bulgaria and Macedonia, Latifa Akharbach, representatives of the St. Kliment of Ohrid university, the Officers of the Association and representatives of Moroccans living in Bulgaria.

In his speech presenting the new association, Ayoub Alami, studying a physics and chemistry masters at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (Sofia-UCTM) and elected president of the BVM, said that "the Association aims to promote dialogue and mutual understanding between Morocco and Bulgaria, through bringing closer together young Bulgarian students and their Moroccan comrades.”

A registered non-profit association, the BVM also aims to coach Moroccan students in Bulgaria, to accompany them in their student life and to facilitate their integration in the Bulgarian university life.

The Ambassador of Morocco in Bulgaria, Latifa Akharbach, considered, for her part, that the creation of the BVM will undoubtedly contribute to the revitalization of relations between Morocco and Bulgaria through the linking of student and academic circles of the two countries.

The Moroccan diplomat also assured the members of the Embassy’s support and congratulated them for having chosen to join forces with other non-state actors as part of public diplomacy for the benefit of the Kingdom, its interests, its great causes and its image.

It should be noted that engineering industries, medical and computer science are predominantly the majors chosen by Moroccan students pursuing their university studies in Bulgaria.

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, the Technical University of Sofia and the French Institute of Administration and Management (IFAG) host the largest number of Moroccan students, some learned Bulgarian language for the needs of their schooling.

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