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IFAD: Moroccans in Spain have transferred $ 1.7 billion to Morocco in 2014

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Moroccans are the foreign community in Spain that sent the most money to their country of origin, and then come the Chinese and Ecuadorian.

Indeed, the IFAD - International Fund for Agricultural Development, a UN bank aid to agriculture and rural development in developing countries, released this past Monday, a report on the regular money that migrant workers send to their families in their country of origin.

The results of this report, "Sending Money Home: European flows and markets" show that Spain ranks among the top countries in Europe in terms of volume of money that its migrant workers sent in 2014, to their families in their countries of origin. This amount, according to the IFAD report, amounts to 9.6 billion.

Therefore, the IFAD revealed that Moroccans in Spain, in 2014, transferred to Morocco, $ 1.7 billion. The Chinese came second, with $ 1.06 billion. Ecuadorians came third with a transferred sum of $ 954 million.

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