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Moroccan researcher Ilham Skah receives the “Knowledge” Prize in Norway

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Ilham Skah has been awarded with the “Knowledge Award” by the municipality of Oslo and a group of academic institutions for her Master research thesis on Muslim women in Norwegian universities.

The Moroccan researcher was awarded with the prestigious prize in a ceremony during which she emphasized the need to study the conditions of Muslim women in Norway and the challenges they meet

In an interview with MAP news agency, Ilham Skah said her research used a sample study of women enrolled in universities across Norway.

She added that her work focused as well on the aspirations of Muslim women in the Scandinavian country with respect to their cultural and moral values.

Ilham Skah earned a Master’s degree in Gender studies from the University of Oslo and another Master’s degree in multicultural and international education from Oslo Akershus University College.

Prior to that, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English language and cultural studies (2005-2010) from the University of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah-Fez, Morocco.

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