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The Council of Moroccan mosques responds to Wilders provocation through the art of caricature

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Council of Moroccan mosques (RMMN) published a cartoon of the leader of the Dutch far right, Geert Wilders, in response to his plan to showcase the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed on Dutch television.

The cartoon shows Geert Wilders as an angry child against a floating bomb, while Muslim and non-Muslim citizens (men, women and children) harmoniously walk under the slogan "we will continue to build Holland."

"Our goal is to show that humor is the best way to respond to Wilders’ provocation and insults," said the Dutch Press Agency (ANP) spokesman Council Aissa Zanzen.

Thus the Council of Moroccan Mosques invites all Dutch Muslims and non-Muslims, to respond to the attacks of Wilders with humor: "we want to see Muslims and non-Muslims react in an even more fun way with pens and brushes ".

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