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Report: 1.5 million Moroccans live in France, of whom 670,000 have French nationality

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

1.5 million is the number of Moroccans living in France. Among them, 670,000 have French nationality. A figure revealed in a report by the French National Assembly made "on behalf of the Committee on Foreign Affairs on the bill authorizing the approval of the additional protocol to the Convention on Mutual Assistance" between France and Morocco.

The document, presented by Elisabeth Guigou, the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee also specifies the number of French nationals residing in the kingdom. They are 48 800 to be installed permanently in Morocco, 49% are bi-nationals, and 20,000 to stay there only part of the year.

The report notes that it is "certainly the intermingling of our two nations, unparalleled in the region, which is the strength of this relationship" between France and Morocco. Close relations which are also reflected in the importance of the Moroccan student flows. “34,000 Moroccan students are enrolled in French universities," says the report of the National Assembly, making it the largest foreign student community in France.

Moreover, French tourists are the most likely to spend their holidays in Moroccan territory. They were two million to go to Morocco out of the 8.1 million tourists, who came to the Kingdom from January to September, 2014.

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