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European Nationality: Moroccans remain the main beneficiaries

Thursday, 02 July 2015

According to a Eurostat report (the Statistical Office of the European Union), Moroccan nationals are the leading beneficiaries in terms of receiving European nationality in 2013, "of which 84% were granted Spanish, Italian or French nationality."

In total 86,500 Moroccans were naturalized Europeans, 35.1% of them have obtained Spanish nationality, 29.4% received French nationality and 19.3% are now Italian. Moroccans also remain the primary beneficiaries of Belgian nationality: "17% of Moroccans were naturalized in 2013 and of Dutch nationality: "15% of total people naturalized are Moroccans."

The report also states that "nearly half of those who have obtained the nationality of an EU Member State in 2013 have become citizens of Spain (225 800 people, or 23% of all naturalizations at the EU in 2013) and the UK (207 500 people, or 21%). "

After Morocco, "the main recipients of the nationality of an EU member state in 2013 were citizens of India (48 300 people, of which three quarters were granted British citizenship), Turkey (46 500 people, 60% were granted German nationality) and British (42 000 people, of which 93% were granted Spanish nationality), "said the source.

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