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Sarah Zouak takes the road to end misconceptions about Muslim women

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Recently graduating in marketing and managing humanitarian projects, Sarah Zouak, a young Franco-Moroccan aged 25, decided to embark on a 5 countries journey to meet Muslim women who are leaders in change.

Her expedition is dubbed the Women Sense Tour in Muslim Countries. Her goal: improve the image of Muslim women by making a documentary about their initiatives, their commitments, but also their faith.

The Women Sense Tour (WST) ( leads her to Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran and Indonesia where she scheduled as many as 25 video interviews.

In order to put an end to misconceptions about Muslim women, she meets female carriers of creative initiatives, promotes their projects and encourages them to develop further. Armed with a pen and a camera, the girl will feed her site regularly with various contents before making a video report and publish the profiles collected in a manual as well as at conferences and exhibitions.

The project, organized in collaboration with the association Make Sense, crystallizes the will to reflect on the false image of a refractory Islam to modernity and inequality. By meeting Moroccan, Tunisian, Turkish, Iranian and Indonesian women, Sarah Zouak wants to promote an image of an open Islam, an Islam that rhymes with feminism.

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