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HM the King gives His High instructions to the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity to provide help and assistance to the moroccan passengers living abroad of a ship that crashed in Cartagena

Friday, 09 September 2016

As part of the support and assistance given to Moroccans living abroad during the Marhaba operation in 2016, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, gave His instructions to the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to assist the passengers, all Moroccans living abroad, in  the see of Cartagena (200 km north of Almeria in Spain), after a breakdown of the ship that was to carry them from Tangier Med to Barcelona, ​​ says a statement of the Foundation Mohammed V.

A team of social workers, accompanied by Morocco's consuls in Almeria and Valencia, immediately moved to Cartagena to receive the Moroccan passengers at their arrival and give them the recquired assistance and support.   The Foundation paid the bills of the passengers while the shipping company ensured the transport of 60 pedestrian passengers to their final destination by providing two buses. As for 621 passengers with vehicles, they were given a transport allowance, announced the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity remains mobilized in partnership with all the partners,  for the best return conditions of the Moroccans lving abroad in their residing countries.

MAP (Moroccan Press agency)

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