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Copenhagen : Meeting on investment opportunities in Morocco related to the moroccans living abroad

Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Moroccan business and investment opportunities for the moroccans living abroad will be the main subject of a meeting scheduled on Saturday 17 september 2016 in the city of Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.

This event aims to highlight the economic benefits of the Kingdom and the business and investment opportunities that exist for the Moroccan entrepreneurs living abroad who are invited to enforce the Moroccan the business, according to a statement of the Danish-Moroccan Advisory Council and the Club of Moroccan investors abroad (CIME).

The meeting is organized with the support of « Bank Achhaabi », the sole Moroccan banking institution represented in Denmark. The Danish-Moroccan Advisory Council and the CIME concluded , last August, a partnership agreement in order to contribute and support the Moroccans living abroad to set up their projects in Morocco.

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