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Rabat: Series of conferences and lectures on the "The Moroccan Sahara: truth and history"

Monday, 08 November 2021

In the context of the partnership agreement signed between the Council of the Moroccan Community Living Abroad (CCME) and the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences (FSJES)-Agdal of Mohammed V University in Rabat, and on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the Glorious Green March, CCME and FSJES-Agdal are initiating a series of training conferences on the issue of "The Moroccan Sahara: truth and history ".

On the agenda, some thirty video lectures that deal with the study and analysis of the history of the Moroccan Sahara and put the spotlight on the data on economic and humanitarian development in the southern provinces. They will also highlight the changes in the regional and international context, the reports of international organizations and the Treaties related to Morocco's sovereignty. A special attention will be given to the content of the autonomy initiative and the recommendations of the report of the Special Commission on the Development Model, which aim to continue the development process of the southern regions of the Kingdom at different levels.

These lectures, which aim to provide the public with the necessary basis to advocate the issue of the Kingdom's territorial integrity, will be broadcasted from November 5, 2021 on Awacer TV, the Council’s digital platform, dedicated to migration and Moroccans living abroad launched by the CCME.

The broadcasting will also be ensured by the partner digital sites and public channels.

Regarding the programming of the training series, Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary General of the CCME, states that: "the launching of courses on digital platforms has been determined by three key factors”.

The first one is related to the unique commitment to the homeland that Moroccans living abroad demonstrate on a daily basis and at every opportunity. The second aspect relates to the importance of the Moroccan Sahara in the consciousness of the Moroccans worldwide, which His Majesty the King has expressed on several occasions, notably in his speech on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Green March (2005). "We welcome the efficient and effective involvement of our community living abroad, which We consider a key strength of modern Morocco. Even better, we see it at the vanguard of patriots, who while firmly attached to their authentic Moroccan identity, have vowed themselves with complete sincerity to the development of our country, the defense of its territorial integrity and its international influence," he said.

As for the third dimension, it is related to the objective that the CCME has set for itself, that of providing precise and structured scientific knowledge for the Moroccans of the world, and through them to the whole world, on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara in order to become familiar with its history, identify all the factors associated with it and learn about the efforts that Morocco is making to achieve peace and development at the regional and global levels.

The training program aims to familiarize young Moroccans with the history and geography of the southern provinces of the Kingdom, and to learn about the economic, cultural and social data, as well as the level of development of the southern provinces from their host country.

These conferences also aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the history of Moroccan-Algerian relations and to focus on the different historical stages of Moroccan support to Algeria in its various forms and the roles that the latter has played and still plays in financing the “polisario front” and its exploitation to impede the development process of the different regions of the Kingdom for decades.

In addition, these conferences aim to study the historical development of the issue of territorial integrity and highlight the proposals to resolve this conflict, including the autonomy plan advocated by the Kingdom.


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