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CCME Pavilion Meeting: Moroccan Diplomacy and the Promotion of Moroccan Values

Saturday, 03 June 2023

"On Friday 2 June 2023, the debating space of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) at the Rabat Book Fair welcomed visitors to a conference on the theme of "Moroccan diplomacy and the promotion of values".

The conference featured the contributions of Mohamed El Gheit MALAININE, Chairman of Forum for Development and Democracy, Zakaria ABOUDAHAB, Doctor of International Law and expert in geopolitics, and Mountassir HAMADA, CCME project manager.

Mohamed El Gheit MALAININE: the image of Morocco challenged by social media

From being a product controlled exclusively by the state, which "monopolized” its promotion nationally and internationally", Morocco's image abroad had undergone "the challenge of satellite channels and private-sector media entry as the first challenge before experiencing "the revolution of social media, which meant that everyone became a source and recipient of this image".

This was a turning point in the history of mankind as a whole which means that today "we all project a certain image of our country and we all promote our values".

Given that it is "difficult to change the impact of social networks on our mindset", "the Moroccan political actor is called on to find a way of producing a digital influence in support of our values", says Mohamed El Gheit MALAININE.

Zakaria ABOUDAHAB: promoting "civilizational" diplomacy

While today's world is challenged by speed and a limitless flow of information, the opportunities offered by technology and social media are exceptional, explains Zakaria Aboudahab. "Used wisely, social networks can be an effective channel for Moroccan diplomacy.

"A diplomacy whose history is as deep as the Kingdom's roots, and which has stood out for the human values of diversity and tolerance that it has passed on for centuries and decades".

Promoting our values through our “civilizational” diplomacy is an opportunity for Morocco, given its uniqueness as a "link between the past, the present and the future" and its identity.

Throughout history, "the kings of Morocco have advocated dialogue between religions and civilizations" and the Cherifien Empire has promoted the power of relationships' ', because our assets "give us a capacity of bringing communities together around common human values.



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