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Almost 80% of UK residents think the number of migrants coming into the country should be reduced, and 59% want a big drop, says a new survey.

Living in China is becoming easier for foreign nationals who are looking to move here. The country is actively exploring the feasibility of a new "skilled immigrant" policy as efforts to attract overseas talents continue.

The U.S. government on Thursday asked an appeals court to lift a temporary hold on President Obama's executive action to shield millions of immigrants from deportation, arguing it can't wait for the judge who blocked the action to make a ruling on a similar request.

Labour has promised to introduce new time limits on the detention of people trapped in the asylum and immigration system in a move that would bring Britain into line with most other western countries by banning indefinite detention.

Republicans in Congress voiced strong objections Tuesday in response to a scathing Homeland Security investigation that found a senior official appeared to give special treatment to politically-connected applicants when he ran a little-known federal program that offers visas to those who invest $500,000 in a job-creating business.

 Twenty-one years ago, California voters decided overwhelmingly — 59% of them — to deny public services for immigrants who came here illegally. That included refusing to educate kids.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) clients are periodically targeted by scammers. Most recently, a fake CBSA letter has been circulating that requests funds from immigration applicants. This fake letter makes use of the CBSA logo. This scam occurs every few months and is used by different scammers.

The Nigeria Immigration Service has said it will adopt the Computer-Based Test for its recruitment examination.

WASHINGTON — The director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Thursday that she would support a law to require local law enforcement to hold immigrants for ICE even if they oppose doing so — seemingly flying in the face of recent efforts by the Obama administration to mend relationships with frustrated localities.

Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) received this past Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at the Council headquarters, Mr Lodewijk Asscher, Minister of Social Affairs and Employment and vice Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

Moroccans who have paid for health insurance in Belgium can now retire in Morocco enjoying their health coverage, funded by the Belgian social security.

The Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant" published an article on the unemployment in respect to nationalities in the Netherlands. Citing figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), "De Volkskrant" indicates that it is the Moroccan immigrants who are most affected.

The United States ranks near the bottom among major economies in terms of policies to allow hiring highly skilled immigrant workers, according to a study by a business lobbying group that supports relaxing immigration controls.

Scottish ministers have urged the UK government to reinstate work visas for foreign students after data showed that nearly half of all migrants to Scotland have been educated to degree level or higher.

Governor John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., speaks at the Center for American Progress' 2014 Making Progress Policy Conference in Washington last year.

With the foreign population in Japan expected to grow in the future, policymakers have an interest in promoting a more positive view of immigration. Current public opinion toward immigration in Japan, like in much of the rest of the world, is generally negative. But recent public opinion data shows that individuals who are more likely to come in contact with foreigners or who self-assess as being of high English speaking proficiency are more supportive of increases in immigration.

Pedro Rivera is 53 years old, Hispanic, and a retired military man. He's also part of a growing number of Hispanic Texans pushing for stronger immigration enforcement, including the passage of SB 185, which would stop cities from implementing policies banning local cops from asking immigration-related questions.

A court hearing has been set for April 17 on whether a temporary hold on President Barack Obama's immigration executive action should be lifted, a federal appeals court announced Tuesday.

At its meeting in Paris on 23 March, the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons appointed Doris Fiala (Switzerland, ALDE) as General rapporteur on Ending Immigration Detention of Children Campaign.

188,721 Moroccans were registered in the social security system in Spain at the end of February 2015, a figure up of nearly 1,900 affiliates compared to January, said Tuesday, March 24 the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security .

Thousands of international students were rejected for permanent residence this winter, caught up in changes to Canada’s immigration system intended to speed up recruitment of skilled workers but criticized as leading to uncertainty for prospective immigrants and employers.

LONDON – Indian-American author Akhil Sharma won the 40,000 pound ($60,000) Folio Prize for fiction Monday with “Family Life,” the autobiographical story of an immigrant family floundering in America that took him almost 13 years to write.

Police departments across the country are looking to put immigrants on its workforce, USA Today reported. Most agencies require officers to be U.S. citizens, but some are allowing green card holders and other immigrants legally allowed to work in the country to join the ranks.

 The number of students graduating with STEM degrees already far exceeds the number of STEM jobs available but powerful interests in the business community are pushing Congress to allow more foreign skilled workers into the country.

Rick Santorum isn’t just against illegal immigration. The potential Republican presidential candidate also would like to reduce the number of legal immigrants who come to this country each year.

When I was growing up in the 1980s, I watched my grandfather — my dad’s stepdad — struggle with his own prejudice. He was a blue-collar World War II veteran who loved his family above all things and was constantly afraid for them. He carried a gun and, like many men of his generation, saw threats in people he didn’t understand:

Sen. Ted Cruz announced a bid for the White House on Monday, drawing praise from grass-roots conservatives but a fierce backlash from Hispanic groups that said they were appalled at the prospect of the first Hispanic to announce for president this cycle being such a firm champion of a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Governors and attorneys general representing 26 states Monday formally urged a federal appeals court not to stay a judge's injunction barring President Barack Obama from going forward with a series of immigration policy changes aimed at giving quasi-legal status and work permits to millions more illegal immigrants.

It is sometimes claimed that there has been no discussion about immigration. On the contrary, for at least a generation it has been talked about relentlessly.

REGINA - Saskatchewan is streamlining rules for entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to the province.

The French court will make its decision on September 21st in the trial against the National Society of railways (SNCF) by 832 railway employees of Moroccan origin, who claim to have been blocked in their careers and penalized in retirement.

The Danish government has unveiled a plan meant to promote access to employment for new immigrants and asylum seekers, far behind in the labor market.

The outstanding contribution of women of Moroccan immigration in Canada was put forward at a meeting held on Saturday in Dar Al-Maghrib in Montreal, in the presence of a large female audience who came to celebrate and honor women, their sacrifices and their rich contributions to the development of Canadian society.

Speaking on this occasion, the Ambassador of Morocco in Ottawa Nouzha Chekrouni welcomed the organization of this meeting, initiated by the Forum of the Moroccan community resident in Canada (FCMRC), which is a celebration of immigrant Moroccan women and their contributions to the enrichment of Canadian society, adding that the recognition and appreciation of different cultures is an effective way against the uprooting and ensures a better integration into the host society.

“The integration of immigrants in host societies is part of a process that involves inserting into three major areas: institutional, economic and socio-community”, said Chekrouni, noting that Moroccan women have proved over the years to have an exemplary integration capacity in these three spheres.

In this sense, Chekrouni said that Canada has many Moroccan immigrant women who managed to leave their mark in various fields (academic, economic, political, media, social or cultural), noting that the Moroccan women (Muslim or Jewish) contribute through the networks they establish and their involvement in the social fabric and cultural activities, to the emancipation and development of the Moroccan and Arab women in general.

Immigrant Moroccan women are an "active force" to promote the universal principles and values, she argued, adding that they have demonstrated their ability to adapt, to produce and contribute to economic growth and to the cultural enrichment of their host countries”.

“Their success is the result of hard work and a remarkable persistence and determination”, she said, arguing that women should serve as a model for others who chose to immigrate to Canada in search of a better life but face problems of non-recognition of diplomas, lack of experience, difficulties to break through the professional bodies, which results in a higher rate of unemployment among immigrant women in general.

The meeting was also an opportunity for Chekrouni to highlight the significant efforts made by Morocco as part of its new migration policy, initiated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

She therefore recalled the substantial reforms made by Morocco for the promotion of women's rights, adding that the dynamics that led in 2011 to the adoption of a new constitution have laid the foundation of equality between men / women, in addition to other achievements in favor of women (the Family Code, the Nationality Code etc).

For her part, the General Secretary of FCMRC, Nafisa Abarbach said that this meeting is a tribute to all Moroccan immigrant women in Canada, highlighting the key role they have played and continue to play in Canadian society.

“Morocco's history is full of examples of women who have contributed to the development of the Kingdom and its influence on national and international stages”, adding that it’s not surprising that immigrant Moroccan women are so bold, persevering and motivated to succeed in their country of immigration and play a fundamental role in the host society.

The Quebec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion, Kathleen Weil praised the outstanding contribution of immigration to Quebec society thanks to the strong potential of immigrants which include these talented Moroccan women contributing to the development of Quebec, whose wealth lies in its diversity.

She further highlighted the new policy of Quebec’s immigration and inclusion, stressing the need for the full participation of all and collective action to transcend the barriers that hinder the integration of immigrants, particularly in the labor market.

This meeting was punctuated by testimonies from immigrant Moroccan women in Canada who have managed to stand out in their respective areas of action, as they shared with the audience their journeys, the obstacles they had to overcome to better integrate and be recognized in the host country.


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Per Jönsson, a middle east expert at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, described the move as a "major escalation".

Members of Identity Ireland, which advocates for tighter immigration controls and an exit from the European Union, gathered at Jury’s Inn Hotel on Parnell Street to hear an address from the group’s founding member Peter O’Loughlin.

Eurotunnel, which runs trains between Folkestone and Calais, revealed that most car drivers.

A number of protesters at the Yongah Hill detention facility in Northam have been removed from the facility by the Australian Federal Police after up to 30 people reportedly took to the rooftops for a second night of protesting.

In the latest attempt by elected officials to reach America’s youth, the House Judiciary Committee has posted a critique of Barack Obama’s immigration stance that relies heavily on gifs of young white celebrities.

President Obama’s immigration policies suffered a rough week, faltering in the courts, taking fire on Capitol Hill, angering his political base and even having his own deportation chief undercut his message as he struggles to find a middle-ground path to overhaul the nation’s immigration system.

Prague - The number of the Czech Republic´s inhabitants is again rising, having reached 10,538,300 in 2014, which was 25,900 more than in 2013 and the highest increase since 2010, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) said today.

Lagos — There were indications at the weekend that the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) may have started restricting unmarried Nigerians, especially ladies below the age of 40 ,who do not have genuine reasons from travelling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for fear of engaging in prostitution and other activities that may dent the image of the country.

The duo Zakia Khattabi and Patrick Dupriez won the presidency of Ecolo party, collecting 60% of the votes against the team Chloé Deltour-Christos Doulkeridis who collected 38% of votes. Fourteen abstentions were recorded.

Quebec – Parti Quebecois leadership hopeful Pierre Karl Peladeau apologized on Thursday after saying a day earlier that immigration was hurting the sovereignty movement.

The eurozone may have little choice but to encourage higher levels of immigration if it is to avoid decades of very low economic growth that will leave it with high levels of debt, according to a paper published on Friday by two Irish economists.

The office of New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer is publishing "The Immigrants Rights and Services Manua."

Julio Cesar Estelar packed his bags, forked over thousands of pesos and set out for the U.S.-Mexico border at Tijuana.

In the wake of an increased enrollment of unaccompanied minors who traveled from Central America to the U.S., often to escape violence and reunite with family members, it is hard to get a clear picture of how schools have fared.

Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus said that Europe has fallen into its own trap: for years it has been attracting immigrants and now trying to grapple with the surge of migrants.

Dr. Hamid Lechhab, of Moroccan origin, was elected for the third time in the City Council of Feldkirch (Austria) during the municipal elections.

The intergovernmental criminal police office in Europe (Europol) announced the creation of a team of experts to combat illegal immigration networks in the Mediterranean.

According to a survey by the Dutch Press Agency (ANP), Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam, of Moroccan origin, is the most popular politician in the Netherlands.

 “Out of 15 domestic issues, Americans’ concerns about terrorism and race relations have risen most sharply over the past year. The percentage of Americans who worry “a great deal” about the possibility of a terrorist attack (51 percent) climbed 12 percentage points from 2014 to 2015, while concerns about race relations (28 percent) surged 11 points.

A remarkable new map of Britain shows how the nation was forged by successive waves of immigration from continental Europe over 10,000 years since the end of the last Ice Age.

In a classroom of the Catholic University of Paris, overlooking the dome of a 17th century church, three Muslim women from Algeria are poring over the origins of the word "secularism."

There's a fascinating paragraph buried in the Office for Budget Reponsibility's Economic and Fiscal Outlook, the assessment of the economy it publishes alongside the Budget.

The executive chairman at Google urged Congress on Wednesday to increase the number of high-skilled work visas made available to foreigners and to deal with other immigration issues later on.

Eurotunnel passengers are set for miserable cross-Channel disruption because of immigration exit checks — but investors celebrated better news, with a 20% dividend hike after annual profits almost doubled.

WASHINGTON -- A group of Republican lawmakers are urging an appeals court not to let the Obama administration expand deportation relief and work authorization for undocumented immigrants with long-standing ties to the U.S.

The Danish People’s Party (DF), who have become increasingly popular with their combination of common-sense rhetoric and outspoken criticism of mass immigration, want to support Muslims who secretly wish to escape their faith.

As the ongoing battle over immigration continues, some immigrants in the U.S. who are documented have reportedly been denied driver’s licenses.

According to a report by the Idescat (Catalan Institute of Statistics), 226,818 Moroccans have settled in Catalonia at the end of 2014, representing 20% ​​of foreigners living in this Spanish region.

Long Island construction worker Wilfredis Ayala was in immigration custody in Alabama last fall when President Obama announced that parents of U.S. citizens could get work permits and temporary permission to stay in America.

CEFIR (Centre for Education and Intercultural training) and ACIM, the Agency for Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean, organize briefings sessions for Maghreb Entrepreneurs.

The immigration rights activists who blocked two buses carrying roughly 70 undocumented men and women to Operation Streamline proceedings two years ago have been acquitted of all but two charges.

Pretoria, South Africa — On 16 March 2015 UK Visas & Immigration will launch a new 24-hour Super Priority Visa service in South Africa.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 12:26

Curbs on immigration will hurt business: EIC

Despite Singapore's moves to tighten immigration in recent years, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) yesterday said it believed the rules would have to be eased in the future for the country to stay economically competitive.

The Taoiseach told US President Barack Obama that Ireland will be heavily involved in lobbying for reform of the American immigration system.

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest held a hearing on the displacement of American workers through the H-1B and related guest worker programs.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 12:25

GOP divided on immigration changes

A bipartisan Senate bill aiming to increase the number of high-skilled visas doled out by the federal government is running up against Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

With support from the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), the Forum of African Women held its first international event, participating in the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of woman who was held from 9 to 20 March 2015, at the UN headquarters in New York.

The restoration of synagogues in Casablanca, announced by the municipality of the city, is a "strong signal" for dialogue and coexistence between religions in Morocco, writes the Italian news agency 'ANSA' '.

The flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) reached 3.43 billion dirhams (billion dirhams) in late February 2015, against 4.04 billion dirhams a year earlier, a decrease of 15.2 per cent, according to the Exchange Office.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 12:48

Nine Ukip immigration policies explained

Exploring Ukip immigration policy, Michael Wilkinson reveals the party's manifesto highlights. Is it racist? What would the first 100 days of a Ukip government be like?

The three-day event, running Friday-Sunday, was organized by the Institute for Justice and Journalism and the UA. It is aimed at journalists, activists and programmers, but everyone in the community is invited to participate.

Youth leaders will speak out on behalf of Max Villatoro — an Iowa pastor and father of four whose deportation to Honduras has been scheduled for Tuesday — in downtown Iowa City on Tuesday afternoon.

Families catching ferries to France should set off “earlier” than normal when new exit checks come into force next month, the immigration minister has indicated.

With the current spats between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the White House over Iran dominating the headlines and speculation about the Israeli elections that will occur on Tuesday, it was easy to miss two small news items from Israel. One reported Israel’s allocation of $46 million to encourage European immigration. The other, buried in the middle of a report on Netanyahu’s visit – reported that “as a gesture of good will” toward President Obama, after nine-years of refusal, Netanyahu had agreed to grant the newly-built Palestinian city of Rawabi access to water.

It was personal for Felice Gorordo, the son of Cuban immigrants, when he decided to join a start-up that endeavored to streamline immigration. “I wanted the start-up to be a real game changer,” says Gorordo, President and CEO of Clearpath Immigration, a simplified online solution to immigration document filing.

With support from the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), the Foundation Ibn Battuta organises, on the occasion of Women's international Day, a concert by Moroccan singer Asmae Lamnawar at the "Gran Teatro del Liceu" in Barcelona, ​​this Monday, March 16, 2015.

4,000 demonstrators participated on Sunday 15 March in Brussels, at the "Together in Peace" national march.

Leaflets against immigration and "multiculturalism" were stuck on the façade of the Museum of the History of Immigration in Paris.

Retracting a judgment that was made in 2003, the German Constitutional Court revealed its decision to allow female Muslim teachers to wear the veil.

For the past month, millions of undocumented immigrants have been left in legal limbo thanks to a court fight between the White House and 26 states.

Israel is anticipating a surge in immigration from Europe this year after terrorist attacks in France and Denmark, a development that would complicate government efforts to slow the growth of property prices.

SAN ANTONIO - Protesters gather in downtown San Antonio Sunday in opposition of a bill filed in the Texas Senate that takes aim at so-called "sanctuary" cities.

Despite being couched in myths, immigration is firmly on the political agenda as the UK General Election approaches. It was therefore unsurprising to find it also on the programme for the Southbank Centre’s fifth annual Women of the World festival (WOW).

It was 8 p.m. last Wednesday inside a Manhattan office building, and Modesta Toribio would not let the men in the room rest. She was directing a presentation about immigration reform for a dozen carwasheros, workers from Latin America who toil in the city’s carwash industry.

 “Supposing you put all those people from Eastern Europe back out of Britain again would we be a stronger better country? The answer is no.”

The number of foreigners living in Germany grew at the fastest rate in more than two decades last year, the Statistics office said on Monday, data that is likely to fuel an already heated debate on immigration.

The children of new immigrants coming to Britain should not immediately be allowed to attend state schools, Nigel Farage has suggested. The Ukip leader made the comments when asked about a policy on the party’s website saying immigrants and their dependants would need private education for five years after entering the UK.

Ministers of the Interior and Migration of the 28 member states of the European Union discussed Thursday at a meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council (JHA), the possibility of establishing reception centers in North African countries that are the starting points for migrants to Europe.

Deputies discussed Thursday legislative proposals of the Radical Group, the Republicans, Democrats and progressive (RRDP) including the one to relax the rules of "language skills of applicants for naturalization".

California and 13 other states say they'd benefit from Obama's program to defer deportation of some immigrants

Nine weeks to go to Britain’s general election; and just for a moment, a few days ago, all was sweetness and light in the camp of Ukip, the anti-European-Union party that has spent the last five years shaking up English politics, and capitalising on the mad-as-hell disaffection of an elderly and socially conservative segment of the voting public.

Our two leading political parties have refrained from indulging in inhumane rhetoric

Fourteen-year-old Elizita sat in a courtroom next to her father on Thursday as an immigration judge called the names and case numbers of children like herself who had entered the country illegally and unaccompanied through the southwest border.

UK Visas & Immigration ("UKVI") has recently announced a number of changes to the UK's immigration rules. Most of these changes will take effect from 6 April 2015 and will apply to new applications or extensions of existing visas made on or after that date. Existing visas and applications submitted prior to 6 April will be subject to the existing visa rules.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has heaped praise on the Cambodian government, which last month deported dozens of Montagnard asylum seekers back to Vietnam, as a “very responsible” partner in refugee resettlement.

A recent think-tank report estimated that Finland needs to nearly double current annual immigration levels to ensure its workforce doesn't shrink in the near future -- and to help foot the bill for future public spending.

More than 100 protesters from Southern Nevada stormed the office of Attorney General Adam Laxalt this morning, demanding to speak to Laxalt about a federal lawsuit that has put a hold on executive actions on immigration.

The voices of people locked up in Britain's immigration detention centres are being heard through social media. Detainees are posting live updates of their hunger strike and personal plights on Twitter and Facebook.

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